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Elegant, enigmatic Jay Gatsby yearns for his old love, the beautiful Daisy. But she is married to the insensitive if hugely successful Tom Buchanan, who won't let her go despite having a mistress himself. In their wealthy haven, these beguiling lives are brought together by the innocent and entranced narrator, Nick-until their decadent deceits spill into violence and tragedy. Part morality tale, part fairy tale, The Great Gatsby is the consummate novel of the Jazz Age. Its tenderness and poetry make it one of the great works of the 20th century.
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  1. 1 Chapter 1
  2. 2 It was lonely for a day or so?
  3. 3 And so it happened on a warm windy evening?
  4. 4 I told her how I had stopped off in Chicago?
  5. 5 'Tom's getting very profound,' said Daisy?
  6. 6 The telephone rang inside, startlingly?
  7. 7 When we came in she held us silent for a moment?
  8. 8 Chapter 2
  9. 9 We waited for her down the road and out of sight?
  10. 10 Just as Tom and Myrtle - after the first drink?
  11. 11 This absorbing information about my neighbor?
  12. 12 The bottle of whiskey - a second one?

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