Filmmusik: Great Movie Musicals

    Filmmusik: Great Movie Musicals
    3 CDs
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    Disk 1 von 3

    1. 1 Lullaby of Broadway (From Musical "Gold Diggers Of 1935")
    2. 2 I only have eyes for you (From Musical "Dames")
    3. 3 Over The Rainbow (From Musical "The Wizard Of Oz")
    4. 4 Let's Face The Music And Dance (From Musical "Follow The Fleet")
    5. 5 Louis Armstrong (1901-1971): Jeepers creepers (From Musical "Going Places")
    6. 6 I've got you under my skin (From Musical "Born To Dance")
    7. 7 Swinging on a star (From Musical "Going My Way")
    8. 8 Mandy (From Musical "Kid Millions")
    9. 9 Let yourself go (From Musical "Follow The Fleet")
    10. 10 Stormy Weather (From Musical "Stormy Weather")
    11. 11 When you wish upon a star (From Musical "Pinnochio")
    12. 12 We're in the money (From Musical "Gold Diggers Of 1933")
    13. 13 Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy (From Musical "Buck Privates")
    14. 14 Chattanooga Choo-Choo (From Musical "Sun Valley Serenade")
    15. 15 This year's kisses (From Musical "On The Avenue")
    16. 16 I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (From Musical "On The Avenue")
    17. 17 They Can't Take That Away From Me (From Musical "Shall We Dance")
    18. 18 Love is here to stay (From Musical "Goldwyn Follies")
    19. 19 A Yankee Doodle Boy (From Musical "Yankee Doodle Dandy")
    20. 20 Thanks For The Memory (From Musical "The Big Broadcast Of 1938")

    Disk 2 von 3

    1. 1 Good Morning (From Musical "Babes In Arms")
    2. 2 You must have been a beautiful baby (From Musical "Hard To Get")
    3. 3 Two Sleepy People (From Musical "Thanks For The Memory")
    4. 4 I'm Putting All My Eggs In One Basket (From Musical "Follow The Fleet")
    5. 5 Hooray For Hollywood (From Musical "Hollywood Hotel")
    6. 6 Whistle while you work (From Musical "Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs")
    7. 7 A Foggy Day (In London Town) (From Musical "A Damsel In Distress")
    8. 8 You Made Me Love You (Dear Mr. Gable) (From Musical "Broadway Melody Of 1938")
    9. 9 The road to Morocco (From Musical "The Road To Morocco")
    10. 10 I Fall In Love Too Easily (From Musical "Anchors Aweigh")
    11. 11 It's magic (From Musical "Romance On The High Seas")
    12. 12 It's a grand night for singing (From Musical "State Fair")
    13. 13 Sunday morning or always (From Musical "Dixie")
    14. 14 California, here I come (From Musical "The Jolson Story")
    15. 15 A Couple Of Swells (From Musical "Easter Parade")
    16. 16 Ballin' The Jack (From Musical "On The Riviera')
    17. 17 The girl that I marry (From Musical "Annie Get Your Gun")
    18. 18 Be my love (From Musical "The Toast Of New Orleans")
    19. 19 Victor Young (1900-1956): The turntable song (From Musical "Something In The Wind")
    20. 20 White Christmas (From Musical "Holiday Inn")

    Disk 3 von 3

    1. 1 Singin' in the rain (From Musical "Singin' In The Rain")
    2. 2 Wonderful Copenhagen (From Musical "Hans Christian Andersen")
    3. 3 Secret love (From Musical "Calamity Jane")
    4. 4 Young at heart (From Musical "Young At Heart")
    5. 5 Adolf M-G-M Chorus And Studio Orchestra & Deutsch: Spring, spring, spring (From Musical "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers")
    6. 6 So In Love (From Musical "Kiss Me, Kate")
    7. 7 's Wonderful (From Musical "An American In Paris")
    8. 8 I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise (From Musical "An American In Paris")
    9. 9 Drink, drink, drink (From Musical "The Student Prince")
    10. 10 The house of Singing Bamboo (From Musical "Pagan Love Story")
    11. 11 Almost like being in love (From Musical "Brigadoon")
    12. 12 Get happy (From Musical "Summer Stock")
    13. 13 With a song in my heart (From Musical "Young Man Of Music")
    14. 14 The loviest night of the year (From Musical "The Great Caruso")
    15. 15 You're Just In Love (From Musical "Call Me Madam")
    16. 16 From This Moment On (From Musical "Kiss Me Kate")
    17. 17 The man that got away (From Musical "A Star Is Born")
    18. 18 Triplets (From Musical "The Band Wagon")
    19. 19 I guess I'll have to change my plan (From Musical "The Band Wagon")
    20. 20 That's Entertainment (From Musical "The Band Wagon")