American Primitive Vol. II

    American Primitive Vol. II
    2 CDs
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      • Label: Revenant
      • Erscheinungstermin: 10.11.2005
      • Tracklisting

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      1. 1 Homer Quincy Smith:I want Jesus to talk with me/Go down Moses
      2. 2 Walter Taylor:Deal rag
      3. 3 Elvie Thomas:Motherless child blues
      4. 4 Tommy Settlers & His Blues Moaner:Big bed bug/Shaking weed blues
      5. 5 Nugrape Twins:I got your ice cold nugrape/ There's a city built of mansions
      6. 6 Old Mose/Moses Mason: Red cross the disciple of christ today/Molly man/Shrimp man
      7. 7 Bayless Rose:Black dog blues/Frisco blues/Jamestown exhibition/Original blues
      8. 8 Mattie May Thomas:Workhouse blues/Dangerous blues/Big Mac from Macamere/No mo' freedom
      9. 9 Kid Brown & His Blue Band:Bo-lita
      10. 10 John Hammond:My mama always talked to me/Little Birdie/Purty Polly/As free a little bird as can be
      11. 11 The Salty Dog Four:Ballin' the Jack
      12. 12 Alfred Lewis:Friday moan blues/Mississippi swamp moan
      13. 13 Geeshie Wiley:Pick poor Robin clean/Skinny leg blues/ Last kind words blues/Eagles on a half
      14. 14 The Mississippi Moaner:It's cold in china blues
      15. 15 Pigmeat Terry:Black sheep blues/Moaning the blues
      16. 16 Two Poor Boys:Take a look at that baby/Two white horses in a line/Old hen cackle/John Henry blues (take 3)
      17. 17 William Harris:Hot time blues/Bull frog blues/Kansas City blues
      18. 18 Otto Virgial:Little girl in Rome/ Bad notion blues
      19. 19 Blues Birdhead:Mean low blues
      20. 20 Elizabeth Johnson:Be my kid blues/Sobbin' woman blues
      21. 21 Cousins & Demoss:Poor mourner
      22. 22 Henry Spaulding:Cairo blues
      23. 23 The Bubbling Over Five:Don't mistreat your good boyfriend
      24. 24 Wiley & Thomas:Over to my house

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