Filmmusik: The Magic Of Disney

    Filmmusik: The Magic Of Disney
    CD (Compact Disc)

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    • Tracklisting
    • Mitwirkende
    1. 1 Elton John: Circle Of Life (From Movie "The Lion King")
    2. 2 Phil Collins (Composer): You'll Be In My Heart (From Movie "Tarzan")
    3. 3 Sting (geb. 1951): My Funny Friend And Me (From Movie "The Emperor's New Groove")
    4. 4 A Whole New World (From Movie "Aladdin")
    5. 5 Beauty And The Beast (From Movie "Beauty And The Beast")
    6. 6 The Bare Necessities (From Movie "The Jungle Book")
    7. 7 Peggy Lee (1920-2002): He's A Tramp (From Movie "Lady And The Tramp")
    8. 8 Shaggy: Under The Sea (From Movie "The Little Mermaid")
    9. 9 Louis Armstrong (1901-1971): When You Wish Upon A Star (From Movie "Pinocchio")
    10. 10 Adriana Caselotti: Some Day My Prince Will Come (From Movie "Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs")
    11. 11 Tina Turner: He Lives In You (From Movie "The Lion King: Return To Pride Rock")
    12. 12 You've Got A Friend In Me (From Movie "Toy Story")
    13. 13 Boyzone: Shooting Star (From Movie "Hercules")
    14. 14 True To Your Heart (From Movie "Milan")
    15. 15 Hakuna Matata (From Movie "The Lion King")
    16. 16 Christina Aguilera: Reflection (From Movie "Mulan")
    17. 17 Eternal: Someday (From Movie "The Hunchback Of Notre Dame")
    18. 18 Sarah McLachlan: When She Loved Me (From Movie "Toy Story 2")
    19. 19 Vanessa Williams: Colours Of The Wind (From Movie "Pocahontas")
    20. 20 Kenny Loggins: Your Heart Will Lead You Home (From Movie "The Tigger Movie")