• Sean Barrett
  • Cormac Mccarthy: No Country For Old Men
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An experienced hunter aims at an antelope half a mile across a plain-and misses. But the shot launches him unexpectedly into a tense and frightening chase in which he becomes the hunted, as drug dealers mercilessly pursue the money. The local upright sheriff struggles to contain the situation and has to face his own fears; the pitiless hitman Anton Chigurh, follows his target unceasingly, ruled by a cold, implacable logic; and chance plays its own part in deciding who lives and dies. Cormac McCarthy blends brutality and suspense with acute characterisation. With his mastery of words, and his ear for idiosyncratic dialogue, McCarthy makes No Country for Old Men a contemporary masterpiece, and never more so than when brought to life in this powerful reading by Sean Barrett.

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