Kate Jacobs: You Call That Dark

You Call That Dark
CD (Compact Disc)

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  • Label: UNKNOWN LA
  • Bestellnummer: 1759653
  • Erscheinungstermin: 3.5.2019
  • Tracklisting
  • Mitwirkende
  1. 1 Your big sister (A theory of greatness)
  2. 2 Lavender line (A song about the color of dusk on the farm)
  3. 3 Pete's gonna sell (Time marches on in the orchards of upstate NY)
  4. 4 Life can be sweet (Nature, nurture, neither)
  5. 5 God bless Ione (A thank you)
  6. 6 Helen has a house (Lonely lady as lynchpin)
  7. 7 The silent hills (Summer camp, a little Elvis melody)
  8. 8 Let Dusty be your guide (and bow to your broken heart)
  9. 9 I walk in fear (of all that must come to pass, with a Charlie Brown piano)
  10. 10 Tall buildings (What is the opposite of progress? Can I live there?)
  11. 11 What a world, what a god (Chatting with a nun on a plane)
  12. 12 If it's an elm tree (An elderly Rhode Island grease monkey)
  13. 13 That time of year (Shakespeare, with clarinet and banjo)