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  • Erscheinungstermin: 16.3.2012


Vor 40 Jahren startete der gebürtige Ire seine Musikerkarriere, im Laufe derer er über 15 Millionen Platten verkaufte und internationale Hits wie ‘Clairʾ, ‘Alone Again (Naturally)ʾ, ‘Get Downʾ und ‘Ooh-Wakka-Doo-Wakka-Dayʾ landete.

Als die Single ‘Alone Again (Naturally)ʾ 1972 für einen Grammy nominiert wurde und Nummer 1 der US-Charts eroberte, war O’Sullivans Status als Weltstar besiegelt. Im Laufe der 1970er konnte O’Sullivan 7 Chart-Singles in Deutschland feiern: ‘Alone Again (Naturally)ʾ, ‘Matrimonyʾ, ‘Ooh-Wakka-Doo-Wakka-Dayʾ, ‘Clairʾ, ‘Get Downʾ (deutsche Nr. 1), ‘Ooh Babyʾ und ‘Why, Oh Why, Oh Whyʾ - allesamt auf dieser CD enthalten.

Seine Songs sind ein fester Bestandteil der Popgeschichte und werden noch heute auf Oldie-Sendern weltweit rauf und runter gespielt. So dürfte auch hierzulande kaum ein über 40-Jähriger keinen seiner Songs kennen! Für alle Fans und Sammler werden seine Originalalben nach und nach auf dem Salvo-Label als Remaster mit Bonustracks wieder veröffentlicht, während diese ‘Very Best Ofʾ für jeden Pop-Fan unverzichtbar ist.

Product Information

Gilbert O’Sullivan is one of the UK’s most successful singers, songwriters and musicians, selling over 15 million albums and singles. To celebrate an amazing forty-five year recording career, Union Square Music are releasing ‘The Very Best Of Gilbert O’Sullivan’.

Part of a major Gilbert O’Sullivan reissue campaign the album chronicles songs from his debut album, ‘Himself’ in 1971, through to his most recent album ‘Gilbertville’ and features no less than 14 top 10 UK hits, including the multi-million selling US chart-topper and Grammy-nominated ‘Alone Again (Naturally)’ and the unforgettable UK number 1 singles ‘Clair’ and ‘Get Down’, the latter of which won him an Ivor Novello Award in 1973 for Most Performed British Song.

Gilbert’s first two albums, ‘Himself’ and ‘Back To Front’ both stayed in the UK chart for over a year (86 and 64 weeks respectively) and in 1972 Gilbert was the biggest selling UK artist in the world. The incredible success of ‘Alone Again (Naturally)’ in America catapulted Gilbert into stardom and he made several appearance on US shows hosted by music legends such as Dean Martin and Burt Bacharach.

Gilbert’s songs have appeared in TV series including The Simpsons and Life On Mars and in films such as The Virgin Suicides, Stuart Little 2, Margot At The Wedding and Stuck On You. His songs have been covered by acts as diverse as Elton John, Bobby Darin, The Feeling, Nina Simone, Har Mar Superstar, Sarah Vaughan, Andy Williams, The Pet Shop Boys, Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones, and Herb Alpert.

More recently ‘Gilbertville’, which was released in January 2011, was hailed as one of his finest albums to date, which led critics and the media to suggest maybe it was time to revisit O’Sullivan’s career for re-appraisal.

‘Smart kitchen-sink lyrics, super melodic songs, his new stuff just as good as his old; if he’d never had a hit, or worn an oversize flat cap, he’d be hailed as our own Randy Newman – one who references tea (frequently) and frozen peas (occasionally). At his best, he is the missing link between the Kinks and Squeeze’ - The Guardian

Along with the release of ‘The Very Best Of’, fans will be delighted to know that Gilbert will be performing 18 live dates across the UK from March 17th 2012. He will be joined by his amazing 11 piece band, including a string quartet, to present a stunning two hour plus performance.


,,Dieser Karriere-Überblick (passender Untertitel: „A Singer And His Songs”) bildet den Auftakt einer Kampagne, mit der die UK-Spezialisten Salvo seinen Backkatalog wieder zugänglich machen. Er umfasst die Jahre 1970 bis 1995, ist der bislang wohl umfassendste und allein schon wegen der Klasse-Songs zu empfehlen." (Good Times, April / Mai 2012)
  • Tracklisting
  • Mitwirkende
  1. 1 Nothing Rhymed
  2. 2 Alone Again (Naturally)
  3. 3 Clair
  4. 4 Get Down
  5. 5 We Will
  6. 6 No Matter How I Try
  7. 7 Matrimony
  8. 8 Ooh Baby
  9. 9 Why Oh Why Oh Why
  10. 10 Houdini said
  11. 11 Happiness Is Me And You
  12. 12 Ooh-wakka-doo-wakka-day
  13. 13 What's In A Kiss
  14. 14 A friend of mine
  15. 15 Dear dream
  16. 16 At the very mention of your name
  17. 17 I don't love you (but I think I like you)
  18. 18 Taking a chance
  19. 19 All they wanted to say
  20. 20 That's love
  21. 21 You are you
  22. 22 Lost a friend

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