Filmmusik: Classic Movie Hits 2

Filmmusik: Classic Movie Hits 2
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  • Label: Documents
  • Bestellnummer: 7412019
  • Erscheinungstermin: 20.6.2019
  • Tracklisting
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Disk 1 von 10

  1. 1 42nd Street (from Movie "42nd Street")
  2. 2 Etta Moten: Remember my forgotten man (from Movie "Gold diggers")
  3. 3 Judy Garland: Waltz with a swing / Americana (from Movie "Every Sunday")
  4. 4 Studio Orchestra: Till the clouds roll by ("Till the clouds roll by")
  5. 5 June Allyson: Leave it to Jane (from Movie "Till the clouds roll by")
  6. 6 Make believe (from Movie "Till the clouds roll by")
  7. 7 Why - because ("Everybody sing")
  8. 8 Dinah Shore: The last time I saw Paris (from Movie "Till the clouds roll by")
  9. 9 Don't be too old fashioned (from Movie "The Dolly sisters")
  10. 10 Fred Astaire: The way you look tonight (from Movie "Swing time")
  11. 11 Studio Orchestra: Waltz in swing time ("Swing time")
  12. 12 Every little moment (from Movie "Presenting Lily Mars")
  13. 13 Dark town strutters ball (from Movie "The Dolly sisters")
  14. 14 Don't bite the hand that's feeding you (from Movie "For me and my gal")
  15. 15 Marta Eggerth: Do I love you? (from Movie "For me and my gal")
  16. 16 Judy Garland: Ever since the world began (from Movie "Everybody sing")
  17. 17 Betty Grable: Medley From Dolly Sisters (from Movie "The Dolly Sisters")
  18. 18 Instrumental Orchestra: Love song (from Movie "For me and my gal")
  19. 19 The spell of the waltz (from Movie "For me and my gal")
  20. 20 Judy Garland: When I look at you (from Movie "Presenting Lily Mars")

Disk 2 von 10

  1. 1 Honeymoon Hotel (from Movie "Footlight Parade")
  2. 2 Lena Horne: Can't Help Lovin' That Man (from Movie "The Clouds Roll By")
  3. 3 Judy Garland: Look for the silver lining (from Movie "Till the clouds roll by")
  4. 4 John Payne: Medley from the Dolly Sisters (from Movie "The Dolly sisters")
  5. 5 Swinging down the lane stumbling (from Movie "Mother wore tights")
  6. 6 Vocal Chorus: Fare-thee-well dear Alma Mater ("Mother wote thights")
  7. 7 Judy Garland: Who? (From Movie "Till The Clouds Roll By")
  8. 8 A fine romance (from Movie "Swing time")
  9. 9 2nd medley ("The Dolly sisters")
  10. 10 Till we meet again ("For me and my gal")
  11. 11 Artie's Band Shaw: Second chorus "Main title" (from Movie "Second chorus")
  12. 12 Billy Butterfield: I'm yours (from Movie "Second chorus")
  13. 13 I'm Old Fashioned (from Movie "You Were Never Lovelier")
  14. 14 Bojangles of Harlem (from Movie "Swing time")
  15. 15 Ballin' the Jack (from Movie "For me and my gal")
  16. 16 The King's Men: There's a long long trail (from Movie "For me and my gal")
  17. 17 Artie's Band Shaw: Everything's jumping (from Movie "Second chorus")
  18. 18 The Shorty George (from Movie "You Were Never Lovelier")
  19. 19 Fred Astaire: Never gonna dance (from Movie "Swing time")
  20. 20 Judy Garland: How 'ya Gonna Keep Him Down On The Farm (from Movie "For Me And My Gal")

Disk 3 von 10

  1. 1 Joan Blondell: The Girl At The Ironing Board (from Movie "Dames")
  2. 2 Judy Garland: D' ya love me ("Till the clouds roll by")
  3. 3 Kokomo - Indiana (from Movie "Mother wore tights")
  4. 4 I'm putting all my eggs in one basket (From Movie "Follow the fleet")
  5. 5 Swing time overture ("Swing time")
  6. 6 Where do we go from here (from Movie "For me and my gal")
  7. 7 Ivy Shuffle / Sweet Sue (from Movie "Second Chorus")
  8. 8 There's nothing like a song ("The Dolly sisters")
  9. 9 Fred Astaire: Let's face the music and dance (from Movie "Follow the fleet")
  10. 10 Judy Garland: Three cheers for the yanks (from Movie "For me and my gal")
  11. 11 Love of my life (from Movie "Second chorus")
  12. 12 Let's k-nock k-nees (from Movie "The gay divorcee")
  13. 13 Fred Astaire: Shall we dance / Final (from Movie "Shall we dance")
  14. 14 Let yourself go (from Movie "Follow the fleet")
  15. 15 For Me And My Gal (from Movie "For Me And My Gal")
  16. 16 Artie's Band Shaw: Poor Mister Chisholm (from Movie "Second chorus")
  17. 17 Studio Orchestra: You were never lovelier / Main title ("You were never lovelier")
  18. 18 Fred Astaire: I'd Rather Lead A Band (From Movie "Follow The Fleet")
  19. 19 It happened in Monterey (from Movie "King of jazz")
  20. 20 Tap number ("You were never lovelier")

Disk 4 von 10

  1. 1 The words in my heart ("Gold diggers")
  2. 2 Pick yourself up (from Movie "Follow the fleet")
  3. 3 Judy Garland: Don't leave me, daddy (from Movie "For me and my gal")
  4. 4 Studio Orchestra: The doll shop ("For me and my gal")
  5. 5 Lucille Norman: Tell Me (From Movie "For Me And My Gal")
  6. 6 Paul Whiteman: I like to do things for you (from Movie "King of jazz")
  7. 7 On the swing shift ("Star spangled rhythm")
  8. 8 By the beautiful sea (from Movie "For me and my gal")
  9. 9 Studio Orchestra: Darktown Strutter's ball (from Movie "For me and my gal")
  10. 10 Dearly Beloved (from Movie "You Were Never Lovelier")
  11. 11 Ragamuffin Romeo (from Movie "King of jazz")
  12. 12 Betty Hutton: I'm doing it for defense (from Movie "Star spangled rhythm")
  13. 13 Smart as a tack ("Star spangled rhythm")
  14. 14 See you in Cuba (from Movie "Blue skies")
  15. 15 Paul Whiteman: So the bluebirds and the blackbirds got together (from Movie "King of jazz")
  16. 16 Danny Kaye: Ballin' The Jack (From Movie "On The Riviera")
  17. 17 Dick Powell: Lullaby of Broadway (from Movie "Gold fingers")
  18. 18 Thanks For The Memory (from Movie "The Big Broadcast")
  19. 19 Kate Smith: The Last Time I Saw Paris (From Movie "Lady Be Good")
  20. 20 Song Of The Dawn (From Movie "King Of Jazz")

Disk 5 von 10

  1. 1 Judy Garland: Paging Mister Geenback (from Movie "Presenting Lily Mars")
  2. 2 Swing time / Final ("Swing time")
  3. 3 This is my favourite city (from Movie "Mother wore tights")
  4. 4 Bell Boys Quartett: These orchids if you please (from Movie "You were never lovelier")
  5. 5 Orchestra & Chorus: You were never lovelier (from Movie "You were never lovelier")
  6. 6 Dorothy Lamour & Cast: A sweater a sarong and a peek a boo bang ("Star spangled rhythm")
  7. 7 Priorities (from Movie "Star spangled rhythm")
  8. 8 Studio Jazz Band: Hindustan (from Movie "The Dolly sisters")
  9. 9 Johnnie Johnston: That old black magic (from Movie "Star spangled rhythm")
  10. 10 Olga San Juan: You'd be surprised ("Blue skies")
  11. 11 Joan Caulfield: Serenade to an old fashioned girl (from Movie "Blue skies")
  12. 12 Bing Crosby: Medley from blue skies ("Blue skies")
  13. 13 Fred Astaire: You were never lovelier (from Movie "You were never lovelier")
  14. 14 Danny Kaye: St. Louis Blues (From Movie "Birth Of The Blues")
  15. 15 Dick Haymes & Cast: It might as well be spring (from Movie "State fair")
  16. 16 Betty Hutton: Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief (From Movie "The Stork Club")
  17. 17 James Baskett: Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah (from Movie "Song of the south")
  18. 18 Betty Garrett: Buttons And Bows (From Movie "The Paleface")
  19. 19 Esther Williams: Baby, It's Cold Outside (From Movie "Neptun's Daughter")
  20. 20 Marilyn Monroe: Anyone Can See I Love You (from Movie "Ladies Of The Chorus")

Disk 6 von 10

  1. 1 The shadow waltz (from Movie "Gold diggers")
  2. 2 The doll shop [Part I] (from Movie "For me and my gal")
  3. 3 Studio Orchestra: Star spangled rhythm (Main title) ("Star spangled rhythm")
  4. 4 The gay divorcee - medley ("The gay divorcee")
  5. 5 Medley ("Follow the fleet")
  6. 6 Harriet Hilliard: But where are you (from Movie "Follow the fleet")
  7. 7 You Do (Reprise) (From Movie "Mother Wore Thights")
  8. 8 Come out wherever you are (from Movie "Step lively")
  9. 9 Studio Orchestra: Medley ("Blue skies")
  10. 10 Studio Orchestra: The gay divorcee / Final ("The gay divorcee")
  11. 11 Studio Orchestra: It happened in Brooklyn ("It happened in Brooklyn")
  12. 12 Judy Garland: Bei mir bist du schön (from Movie "Love finds Andy Hardy")
  13. 13 Where does love begin ("Step lively")
  14. 14 Marilyn Monroe: Anyone can see I love you (Reprise) (from Movie "Ladies of the chorus")
  15. 15 Judy Garland: Singin' in the rain (from Movie "Little Nellie Kelly")
  16. 16 Judy Garland: Blues in the night (from Movie "Blues in the night")
  17. 17 Studio Orchestra: Final - it happened in Brooklyn ("It happened in Brooklyn")
  18. 18 Dolores Del Rio: Ramona (From Movie "Ramona")
  19. 19 Marilyn Monroe: Every Baby Needs A Da-Da-Daddy (from Movie "Ladies of the chorus")
  20. 20 Meet Me In St. Louis (from Movie "Meet Me In St. Louis")

Disk 7 von 10

  1. 1 By a waterfall ("Footlight parade")
  2. 2 Why must there be an opening song (from Movie "Step lively")
  3. 3 Judy Garland: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (From Movie "Meet Me In St. Louis")
  4. 4 Studio Orchestra: Final - meet me in St. Louis ("Meet me in St. Louis")
  5. 5 Maurice Chevalier: Louise (from Movie "Innocents of Paris")
  6. 6 Fred McMurray: All I Want Is Just One (from Movie "Paramount On Parade")
  7. 7 Marlene Dietrich: I Am The Glamorous Lola (From Movie "The Blue Angel")
  8. 8 Eleanor Powell: Got A Bran' New Suit (From Movie "At Home Abroad")
  9. 9 Dorothy Lamour: Moonlight And Shadows (from Movie "The Jungle Princess")
  10. 10 Judy Garland: On The Atchison, Topeka & The Santa Fe (from Movie "The Harvey Girls")
  11. 11 Medley from The Gay Divorcee (from Movie "The Gay Divorcee")
  12. 12 Indian love call ("Rose Marie")
  13. 13 Nelson Eddy: The Mounties (from Movie "Rose Marie")
  14. 14 Allan Jones: The Donkey Serenade (from Movie "The Firely")
  15. 15 Hooray For Hollywood (From Movie "Hollywood Hotel")
  16. 16 Andrews Sisters: Boogie woogie bugle boy ("Buck privates")
  17. 17 Deanna Durbin: It's raining sunbeams (from Movie "One hundred men and one girl")
  18. 18 Marlene Dietrich: Falling In Love Again (from Movie "The Blue Angel")
  19. 19 Studio Orchestra: The wizard of Oz (Main title) ("The wizard of Oz")
  20. 20 Jack Haley: If I Only Had A Heart (from Movie "The Wizard Of Oz")

Disk 8 von 10

  1. 1 Shanghai Lil (from Movie "Footlight parade")
  2. 2 Andrews Sisters: Sing A Tropical Song (From Movie "Happy Go Lucky")
  3. 3 Studio Orchestra: Munchkinland musical sequence (from Movie "The wizard of Oz")
  4. 4 Optimistic voices ("The wizard of Oz")
  5. 5 Studio Orchestra: Music makes me (Reprise) ("Flying down to Rio")
  6. 6 Alfred Orchestra Newman: The factory set (from "Modern times")
  7. 7 Alfred Orchestra Newman: Overture from Broadway Melody (from Movie "Broadway melody")
  8. 8 Bernard Herrmann: Jane's departure ("Jane Eyre")
  9. 9 Studio Orchestra: Threatening witch ("The wizard of Oz")
  10. 10 Studio Orchestra: Carefree overture ("Carefree")
  11. 11 Judy Garland: Voodoo (from Movie "The pirate")
  12. 12 Andrews Sisters: Don't fence me in (from Movie "Hollywood canteen")
  13. 13 Alfred Orchestra Newman: Charlie's dance (from Movie "Modern Times")
  14. 14 Eleanor Powell: All ashore (from Movie "Broadway melody")
  15. 15 Studio Orchestra: Since they turned ("Loch lomond") into swing ("Carefree")
  16. 16 Studio Orchestra: The cornfield ("The wizard of Oz")
  17. 17 Bernard Herrmann: Elegy and Jane's sorrow ("Jane Eyre")
  18. 18 Alfred Orchestra Newman: Charlie at the assembly line belt (from Movie "Modern Times")
  19. 19 Studio Orchestra: Change partners (Reprise) ("Carefree")
  20. 20 Studio Orchestra: Poppies ("The wizard of Oz")

Disk 9 von 10

  1. 1 Don't say goodnight ("Wonder bar")
  2. 2 Andrews Sisters: Rhumboogie (From Movie "Argentine Nights")
  3. 3 Studio Orchestra: Leaving Munchkinland ("The wizard of Oz")
  4. 4 Nice work if you can get it (from Movie "A damsel in distress")
  5. 5 Alfred Orchestra Newman: Visions (from Movie "Modern times")
  6. 6 Eleanor Powell: I am the captain (from Movie "Broadway melody")
  7. 7 George Murphy: Between You And Me (from Movie "Broadway Melody")
  8. 8 Studio Orchestra: I spell ("The wizard of Oz")
  9. 9 Heigh-ho the gang's all here (from Movie "Dancing lady")
  10. 10 Alfred Orchestra Newman: The gamin (from Movie "Modern times")
  11. 11 Studio Orchestra & Dialogue: Dream dancing ("You'll never get rich")
  12. 12 Bernard Herrmann: Thornfield hall ("Jane Eyre")
  13. 13 Cast (Progressiv/Mexico): The merry old land of Oz ("The wizard of Oz")
  14. 14 Alfred Orchestra Newman: Charlie and the warden (from Movie "Modern Times")
  15. 15 Fred Astaire: I can't tell a lie ("Holiday Inn")
  16. 16 Studio Orchestra: Final - Broadway melody of 1940 ("Broadway melody of 1940")
  17. 17 Trudy Erwin: Angel ("Broadway melody of 1936")
  18. 18 Cast (Progressiv/Mexico): If I were king of the forest ("The wizard of Oz")
  19. 19 Studio Orchestra: The haunted forest ("The wizard of Oz")
  20. 20 Alfred Orchestra Newman: Alone and hungry (from Movie "Modern Times")

Disk 10 von 10

  1. 1 Veree Teasdale: Spin a little web of dreams (from Movie "Fashion's of 1934")
  2. 2 Judy Garland & Cast: The jitterbug (from Movie "The wizard of Oz")
  3. 3 Studio Orchestra: March of the winkies (from Movie "The wizard of Oz")
  4. 4 MGM Studio Chorus: Ding dong - Emerald city ("The wizard of Oz")
  5. 5 Alfred Orchestra Newman: Love Theme From Modern Times (From Movie "Modern Times")
  6. 6 Keine Künstlerinformation: Boogie barcarole (Dialogue) ("You'll never get rich")
  7. 7 Bernard Herrmann: Rochester's past ("Jane Eyre")
  8. 8 Judy Garland: Toto brings news / Over the rainbow (from Movie "The wizard of Oz")
  9. 9 Alfred Orchestra Newman: Valse (from Movie "Modern times")
  10. 10 Alfred Orchestra Newman: You are my lucky star (from Movie "Broadway melody of 1936")
  11. 11 Bernard Herrmann: Mister Mason ("Jane Eyre")
  12. 12 Sally Sweetland: Delishious (from Movie "Rhapsody In Blue")
  13. 13 Studio Orchestra: Medley ("The wizard of Oz")
  14. 14 Bernard Herrmann: The garden (from Movie "Jane Eyre")
  15. 15 Alfred Orchestra Newman: The sleeping girl (from Movie "Modern times")
  16. 16 Final - cover girl ("Cover girl")
  17. 17 Studio Orchestra: I Hereby Decree (from Movie "The wizard of Oz")
  18. 18 Betty Grable: Changing My Tune (from Movie "The Shocking Miss Pilgrim")
  19. 19 Alfred Orchestra Newman: At the picture (from Movie "Modern Times")
  20. 20 Studio Orchestra: Delirious escape (from Movie "The wizard of Oz")