Carl Cleves & Parissa Bouas: Halos 'Round The Moon

    Halos 'Round The Moon
    Super Audio CD
    SACD (Super Audio CD)

    The SACD uses a higher digital resolution than the audio CD and also offers the possibility to store multi-channel sound (surround sound). To enjoy the music in high-end quality, a special SACD player is required. Thanks to the hybrid function, most of the products marked "SACD" in our store can also be played on conventional CD players. In this case, however, the sound does not differ from that of a normal CD. In case of deviations, we point this out separately (non-hybrid).

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      • Label: Stockfisch, 2014
      • Order number: 4055738
      • Release date: 28.2.2014
      • Tracklisting
      • Contributors
      1. 1 Aheyla - I Rejoice
      2. 2 Sad Eyes
      3. 3 The House Is Empty
      4. 4 Four Extraordinary Days
      5. 5 Your Lesson To Me
      6. 6 Dear Melanie
      7. 7 You Inspire Love
      8. 8 Halos Round The Moon
      9. 9 Leaving Byron Bay
      10. 10 Nothing's Gonna Last Forever
      11. 11 All Alone
      12. 12 The Full Force Of The Wind