• Spaghetti Rag
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  • Label: Naxos
  • Bestellnummer: 1020439
  • Erscheinungstermin: 15.6.2009
Feat.Raffaele Calace Plectrum Quintet, Center Boys Rag Band,
Italian Mando-Rag Club Citta di Brescia, Ugo Orlandi,
Claudio Mandonico


This unique recording sets out to give a flavour of American ragtime through the medium of the mandolin. It is now believed that many of the original early twentieth-century rags were regularly performed by American-Italian mandolin orchestras whose numbers were swelled by Italian immigrants. Highlights on this disc include three of Scott Joplin's best known rags (The Entertainer was dedicated to "James Brown and his Mandolin Club"), Julius Lenzberg's Operatic Rag, a syncopated take on works by Leoncavallo, Mascagni, Wagner, Bizet and others, That Italian Rag by the Tin Pan Alley composer Alfredo "Al" Piantadosi, and the "Neapolitan two-step" A' Frangesa by Edward George.
  • Tracklisting
  • Mitwirkende
  1. 1 Claudio Mandonico: That Italian Rag (arr. for mandolin orchestra)
  2. 2 Bunch o' Blackberries: Bunch O' Blackberries
  3. 3 A' frangesa (arr. for mandolin and guitar)
  4. 4 Claudio Mandonico: Spaghetti Rag (arr. for mandolin orchestra)
  5. 5 Lady of My Hearts Rag
  6. 6 Claudio Mandonico: The Entertainer (arr. for mandolin orchestra)
  7. 7 Solace (arr. U. Orlandi): Solace, A Mexican Serenade (arr. for mandolin quintet)
  8. 8 Claudio Mandonico: Maple Leaf Rag (arr. U. Orlandi): The Maple Leaf Rag (arr. for mandolin orchestra)
  9. 9 Ragtime
  10. 10 Claudio Mandonico: Rubber Plant Rag (arr. for mandolin orchestra)
  11. 11 Russian Rag (arr. for mandolin quintet)
  12. 12 The Funny Old Fakir (arr. for mandolin and piano)
  13. 13 Detective Rag (arr. for mandolin and ensemble)
  14. 14 Claudio Mandonico: Mando Rag (arr. for mandolin orchestra)
  15. 15 Claudio Mandonico: Operatic Rag (arr. for mandolin orchestra)
  16. 16 Flirtation Rag
  17. 17 The Red Bach Book: Three Rags after Bach: No. 1. Ragtime Offering
  18. 18 The Red Bach Book: Three Rags after Bach: No. 2. The Goldberg Rag
  19. 19 Claudio Mandonico: The Red Bach Book: Three Rags after Bach: No. 3. The Art of Rag
  20. 20 Claudio Mandonico: Calace Rag

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