• Label: NaxosJazz, 1946-47
  • Bestellnummer: 1000051
  • Erscheinungstermin: 19.3.2007


Producer's Note
Duke Ellington's Musicraft sides have always presented problems for both collectors and researchers. Pressed on poor quality post-war shellac, they disappeared when Musicraft folded in 1948 and were unavailable until thirteen of the fifteen sides appeared on an Allegro LP in 1955, transferred from the original lacquer discs. Unfortunately, the masters had deteriorated by this time, but some defects such as dropouts were present in the original 78 issues. As well, the band recorded only fifteen selections, leaving Musicraft with an odd side. Thus, Jam-A-Ditty was released twice, coupled with Sultry Sunset and Diminuendo in Blue. Could "Crescendo in Blue" have been intended as the sixteenth side when time (or budget) ran out? To further confuse us, one discography lists "Tell Me, Tell Me, Dreamface" as having been issued on Musicraft 483, but this is simply another title for Tulip or Turnip.
  • Tracklisting
  • Mitwirkende
  1. 1 Diminuendo in Blue
  2. 2 Magenta haze
  3. 3 Blue skies
  4. 4 Sultry Sunset
  5. 5 Happy-Go-Lucky Local
  6. 6 The beautiful Indians [Part 1]: Hiawatha
  7. 7 The beautiful Indians [Part 2]: Hiawatha
  8. 8 Flippant flurry
  9. 9 Golden feather
  10. 10 Tulip or turnip
  11. 11 Overture to a jam session
  12. 12 It Shouldn't Happen To A Dream
  13. 13 Jam-a-ditty
  14. 14 Who struck John?
  15. 15 How High The Moon
  16. 16 Frustration
  17. 17 Blue Lou
  18. 18 Far away blues
  19. 19 Park At 106th

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