The Elora Singers - And So it Goes

    The Elora Singers - And So it Goes
    Songs of Folk and Lore
    CD (Compact Disc)

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    • Old Lady Rose; Loch Lomond; The Maggie Hunter; Danse, Mon Moin, Danse; Go, lovely rose; Ae fond kiss; We'll Gather Lilacs; Fogarty's Cove; Pussy willows, Cat-tails; I Love My Love; Feller from Fortune; Three Shakespeare Songs; John Brown's Body; The old church; Auld Lang Syne; Whe's Called Nova Scotia; And So it Goes; Fare thee well, love; We Rise Again
    • Künstler: James Bourne (Klavier); The Elora Singers, Noel Edison
    • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2017
    • Bestellnummer: 8616502
    • Erscheinungstermin: 13.7.2018
    • Tracklisting
    • Details
    • Mitwirkende
    1. 1 Old lady Rose (arr. Larry Nickel)
    2. 2 Loch Lomond (arr. Johanathan Quick)
    Ontario Folk Songs Nr. 1-5
    1. 3 Nr. 2 The Maggie Hunter
    Canadian Folk Songs Nr.1-6 op.41b (1. Buch)
    1. 4 Nr. 6 Danse, Mon Moin, Danse!
    Flower Songs Nr. 1-3
    1. 5 Nr. 3 Go, lovely rose
    1. 6 Ae fond kiss (arr. Paul Mealor)
    Perchance to Dream
    1. 7 We'll Gather Lilacs
    1. 8 Fogarthy's Cove (arr. Ron Smail)
    2. 9 Pussy willows, Cat-tails (arr. Larry Nickel)
    Choral Folk Songs H. 136 op. 36b
    1. 10 Nr. 5 I love my love
    Songs of the Newfoundland Outports Nr. 1-5
    1. 11 Nr. 5 Feller from Fortune
    Shakespeare Songs (3 Lieder)
    1. 12 Nr. 1 Full fathom five
    2. 13 Nr. 2 The cloud-capp'd towers
    3. 14 Nr. 3 Over hill, over dale
    1. 15 John Brown's Body (arr. Richard Marrlow)
    Praire Songs
    1. 16 The old church
    1. 17 Auld Lang Syne (arr. Iain Farrington)
    2. 18 She's Called Nova Scotia (arr. Stuart Calvert)
    3. 19 And So It Goes
    4. 20 Fare thee well, love (arr. Stuart Calvert)
    The Rise and Follies of Cape Breton
    1. 21 We rise again (arr. Lydia Adams)