Pi-Chin-Chien & Fabian Müller - Tea for Two Cellos

Pi-Chin-Chien & Fabian Müller - Tea for Two Cellos
CD (Compact Disc)

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  • Kompositionen von Fabian Müller: Rougui Hongcha; Zheng Dongding Oolong; Lao Man E Gushu; Oriental Beauty; Bi Luo Chun; Buddhas Hand Alishan; Mao Er Duo Gushu Pu Er; Zhengcong Muzha Tie Guanyin; Mengku Yesheng Hong Cha; Bai Mao Hou
  • Artists: Pi-Chin Chien (Cello), Fabian Müller (Cello)
  • Label: Solo Musica, DDD, 2018
  • Order number: 9415706
  • Release date: 30.8.2019
  • Tracklisting
  • Contributors
  1. 1 Pi-Chin Chien: Rougui Hongcha
  2. 2 Pi-Chin Chien: Zheng Dongding Oolong
  3. 3 Pi-Chin Chien: Lao Man E Gushu
  4. 4 Pi-Chin Chien: Oriental Beauty
  5. 5 Pi-Chin Chien: Bi Luo Chun
  6. 6 Pi-Chin Chien: Buddhas Hand Alishan
  7. 7 Pi-Chin Chien: Mao Er Duo Gushu Pu Er
  8. 8 Pi-Chin Chien: Zhengcong Muzha Tie Guanyin
  9. 9 Pi-Chin Chien: Mengku Yesheng Hong Cha
  10. 10 Pi-Chin Chien: Bai Mao Hou