John Amner: Complete Consort Music

    Complete Consort Music
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    • Love we in come consenting; Let false surmises perish; Away with weak complainings; O come thou spirit divinest; O love beseeming well; Distressed soul; Sweet are the thoughts; Come let's rejoice; Saint Mary now; At length to Christ; But he the God of love; Woe is me; Remember not, Lord, our offences;
      Thus sings that heavenly quire; The heaven stood all amazed; Now doth the city remain solitary; He that descended man to be; I will sing unto the Lord; O ye little flock; Fear not; And they cry; Lo, how from heaven; I bring you tiding; A stranger here; My Lord is hence removed and laid; Elegie in Gedenken an Meister Thomas Hynson; Pavane; Galliarde; Consider, all ye passers by; I am for peace
    • Künstler: Dublin Consort Singers, Ensemble Fretwork, Mark Keane
    • Label: Rubicon, DDD, 2018
    • Bestellnummer: 9131665
    • Erscheinungstermin: 31.5.2019
    • Tracklisting
    • Mitwirkende
    1. 1 Love we in come consenting
    2. 2 Let false surmises perish
    3. 3 Away with weak complainings
    4. 4 O come thou spirit divinest
    5. 5 O love beseeming well
    6. 6 Distressed soul
    7. 7 Sweet are the thoughts
    8. 8 Come let's rejoice
    9. 9 Saint Mary now
    10. 10 At length to Christ
    11. 11 But he the God of love
    12. 12 Woe is me
    13. 13 Remember not, Lord, our offences
    14. 14 Thus sings that heavenly quire
    15. 15 The heaven stood all amazed
    16. 16 Now doth the city remain solitary
    17. 17 He that descended man to be
    18. 18 I will sing unto the Lord
    19. 19 O ye little flock
    20. 20 Fear not
    21. 21 And they cry
    22. 22 Lo, how from heaven
    23. 23 I bring you tiding
    24. 24 A stranger here
    25. 25 My Lord is hence removed and laid
    26. 26 Elegie in Gedenken an Meister Thomas Hynson
    27. 27 Pavane
    28. 28 Galliarde
    29. 29 Consider, all ye passers by
    30. 30 I am for peace