+Klavierkonzert; Nocturne für Orchester, Comedy Overture; 4 Polnische Tänze
  • Künstler: Anna Ziolkowska, Bogdan Czapiewski, Poznan PO, Mariusz Smolij
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2007
  • Bestellnummer: 2882620
  • Erscheinungstermin: 1.10.2007


After the Second World War, the Polish composer Tadeusz Szeligowski settled in Poznan´, where he was instrumental in the formation of the Poznan´ Philharmonic and served as its first director. His Comedy Overture is a short, brilliantly orchestrated composition. In his Four Polish Dances, Szeligowski explores the rich culture of his homeland's folk music, as did many of his Polish contemporaries. The virtuosic Piano Concerto is written in the neo-classical style that Szeligowski mastered during his studies in Paris, and his Concerto for Orchestra, one of the first compositions to tackle this form, is an impressive contribution to the European orchestral repertoire of the first half of the twentieth century.
  • Tracklisting
  • Mitwirkende
  1. 1 Comedy Overture
  2. 2 4 Polish Dances: No. 1. Korowod (Procession)
  3. 3 4 Polish Dances: No. 2. Walc lubelski (Waltz from the Lublin region)
  4. 4 4 Polish Dances: No. 3. Sielanka (Bucolic Dance)
  5. 5 4 Polish Dances: No. 4. Oberek (Folk Dance)
  6. 6 Piano Concerto: I. Allegro con brio
  7. 7 Piano Concerto: II. Andante
  8. 8 Piano Concerto: Iii. Allegro Risoluto
  9. 9 Nocturne
  10. 10 Concerto for Orchestra: I. Allegro con brio
  11. 11 Concerto for Orchestra: II. Andante con moto
  12. 12 Concerto For Orchestra: Iii. Allegro Vivace

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