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Werke von Piazzolla, Reis, Salgan, Villodo, Pujol, Morel, Carlevaro, Morel, Brouwer, Pereira
  • Künstler: Ricardo Cobo
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 03
  • Bestellnummer: 9867081
  • Erscheinungstermin: 13.10.2003


This recording presents a selection of some of the least and the best known exponents of twentieth century Latin-American guitar repertoire, among them the internationally renowned Argentinian composer Máximo Diego Pujol, whose Elegy for the death of a tanguero is an elegant homage to his compatriot, the father of the classical tango, Astor Piazzolla. Leo Brouwer is found in unusually lyrical mood and two of Piazzolla's most popular songs are heard in an arrangement by Colombian-born guitarist Ricardo Cobo.
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  • Mitwirkende
  1. 1 Ricardo Cobo: Muerte del angel - Tango (arr. R. Cobo): La muerte del angel - Tango (arr. R. Cobo)
  2. 2 Ricardo Cobo: Se ela preguntar - Waltz (Paschoito)
  3. 3 Ricardo Cobo: Promessa - Waltz (Paschoito)
  4. 4 Ricardo Cobo: A Don Agustin Bardi (arr. J. Morel): Don Agustin Bardi (arr. Morel)
  5. 5 Ricardo Cobo: El choclo (arr. R. Cobo): El Choclo (arr. R. Cobo)
  6. 6 Ricardo Cobo: Stella australis
  7. 7 Ricardo Cobo: Milonga del viento
  8. 8 Ricardo Cobo: Milonga oriental
  9. 9 Ricardo Cobo: Little Rhapsody
  10. 10 Ricardo Cobo: Danza in E minor
  11. 11 Ricardo Cobo: Un dia de Noviembre
  12. 12 Ricardo Cobo: Elegia por la muerte de un tanguero (Elegy for the Death of a Tango Player): I. Confuseta
  13. 13 Ricardo Cobo: Elegia por la muerte de un tanguero (Elegy for the Death of a Tango Player): II. Melancolia
  14. 14 Ricardo Cobo: Elegia Por La Muerte De Un Tanguero (Elegy For The Death Of A Tango Player): Iii. Epilogo
  15. 15 Ricardo Cobo: Marta
  16. 16 Ricardo Cobo: Primavera portena - Tango (arr. R. Cobo)

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