Ralph Vaughan Williams: Symphonien Nr.7 & 8

Symphonien Nr.7 & 8
CD (Compact Disc)

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    • Artists: Russell, Waynflete Singers, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Bakels
    • Label: Naxos, DDD, 97
    • Order number: 8582829
    • Release date: 30.6.1998
    • Tracklisting
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    1. 1 Symphony No. 7, "Sinfonia antartica": I. Prelude: Andante maestoso-Lento-Poco animato-Piu mosso-Tranquillo-Andante...- L
    2. 2 Symphony No. 7, "Sinfonia antartica": II. Scherzo: Moderato
    3. 3 Symphony No. 7, "sinfonia Antartica": Iii. Landscape: Lento -
    4. 4 Symphony No. 7, "Sinfonia antartica": IV. Intermezzo: Andante sostenuto-Allegretto-Pesante-Tempo primo tranquillo
    5. 5 Symphony No. 7, "Sinfonia antartica": V. Epilogue: Alla marcia, moderato (non troppo allegro) - Andante maestoso
    6. 6 Symphony No. 8 in D minor: I. Fantasia: Moderato-Presto-Andante...-Allegretto-Andante...-Allegro...-Andante...-Largament
    7. 7 Symphony No. 8 in D minor: II. Scherzo alla Marcia (per stromenti a fiato): Allegro alla marcia - Andante - Tempo primo
    8. 8 Symphony No. 8 In D Minor: Iii. Cavatina (Per Stromenti Ad Arco): Lento Espressivo
    9. 9 Symphony No. 8 in D minor: IV. Toccata: Moderato maestoso
    10. 10 Movement superscriptions for Sinfonia antartica: I. Prelude: 'To suffer woes which Hope thinks infinite' (Shelley: Prome
    11. 11 Movement superscriptions for Sinfonia antartica: II. Scherzo: 'There go the ships' (Book of Common Prayer, Psalm 104)
    12. 12 Movement Superscriptions For Sinfonia Antartica: Iii. Landscape: 'ye Ice Falls!' (Coleridge: Hymn Before Sunrise, In The
    13. 13 Movement superscriptions for Sinfonia antartica: IV. Intermezzo: 'Love, all alike' (Donne: The Sun Rising)
    14. 14 Movement superscriptions for Sinfonia antartica: V. Epilogue: 'I do not regret this journey' (Captain Scott: Message to