• Künstler: Paul Jacobs / Orgel St Mary the Virgin, New York City
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2009
  • Bestellnummer: 2859614
  • Erscheinungstermin: 30.8.2010


Livre du Saint-Sacrement (The Book of the Blessed Sacrament) is Messiaen's last and longest organ work, a thematic cycle based on the sacrament of Communion comprising eighteen movements, many based on his recorded improvisations, arranged into three thematic groups. Hailed for his prodigious technique, vivid interpretive imagination and charismatic showmanship, Paul Jacobs is widely acknowledged for reinvigorating the American organ scene with a fresh performance style and 'an unbridled joy of music-making' (Baltimore Sun). He has performed the complete organ works of Olivier Messiaen in nine-hour marathons in eight American cities.
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Disk 1 von 2

  1. 1 Livre du Saint Sacrement: I. Adoro Te (I Adore Thee)
  2. 2 Livre du Saint Sacrement: II. La Source de Vie (The Fountain of Life)
  3. 3 Livre Du Saint Sacrement: Iii. Le Dieu Cache (The Hidden God)
  4. 4 Livre du Saint Sacrement: IV. Acte de Foi (Act of Faith)
  5. 5 Livre du Saint Sacrement: V. Puer natus est nobis (Unto Us a Child is Born)
  6. 6 Livre du Saint Sacrement: VI. La manne et le Pain de Vie (The Manna and Bread of Life)
  7. 7 Livre Du Saint Sacrement: Vii. Les Ressuscites Et La Lumiere De Vie (The Resurrected And The Light Of Life)
  8. 8 Livre Du Saint Sacrement: Viii. Institution De L'eucharistie (Institution Of The Eucharist)
  9. 9 Livre du Saint Sacrement: IX. Les tenebres (The Darkness)
  10. 10 Livre du Saint Sacrement: X. La Resurrection du Christ (The Resurrection of Christ)

Disk 2 von 2

  1. 1 Livre du Saint Sacrement: XI. L'apparition du Christ ressuscite a Marie-Madeleine (The Appearance of the Risen Christ to
  2. 2 Livre Du Saint Sacrement: Xii. La Transsubstantiation (The Transubstantiation)
  3. 3 Livre Du Saint Sacrement: Xiii. Les Deux Murailles D'eau (The 2 Walls Of Water)
  4. 4 Livre Du Saint Sacrement: Xiv. Priere Avant La Communion (Prayer Before Communion)
  5. 5 Livre du Saint Sacrement: XV. La joie de la grace (The Joy of Grace)
  6. 6 Livre Du Saint Sacrement: Xvi. Priere Apres La Communion (Prayer After Communion)
  7. 7 Livre Du Saint Sacrement: Xvii. La Presence Multipliee (The Multiplied Presence)
  8. 8 Livre Du Saint Sacrement: Xviii. Offrande Et Alleluia Final (Offering And Final Alleluia)

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