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    Joyce,James:Dubliners (Part 2)

    Joyce,James:Dubliners (Part 2)
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    • (in englischer Sprache) In the second half of Joyce's collection of stories about the citizens of Dublin at the turn of the century, the young author deals with themes of adulthood - of loos, parenthood, polotics, religion and of disappointment. Rich in muor and musical allusion, they contain some of Joyce's most powerful and moving prose. Sprecher: Jim Norton (219 Min.)
    • Label: Naxos, DDD, 98
    • Bestellnummer: 2176088
    • Erscheinungstermin: 14.2.2000
    • Tracklisting

    Disk 1 von 3

    1. 1 Painful Case: "MR. James Duffy Lived in Chapelizod Because He ..."
    2. 2 Painful Case: "Meeting Her a Third Time by Accident, He Found ..."
    3. 3 Painful Case: "This Was the Paragraph: Death of a Lady at Sydney ..."
    4. 4 Painful Case: "MR. Duffy Raised His Eyes Form the Paper and Gazed ..."
    5. 5 Ivy Day in the Committee Room: "Old Jack Raked the Cinders ..."
    6. 6 Ivy Day in the Committee Room: "The Room Was Silent Again. Then a ..."
    7. 7 Ivy Day in the Committee Room: "A Person Resembling a Poor ..."
    8. 8 Ivy Day in the Committee Room: "In a Few Minutes an Apologetic 'Pok! '
    9. 9 Ivy Day in the Committee Room: Mr. Hynes Hesitated a Little ...
    10. 10 Mother: "MR. Holohan, Assistant Secretary of the Eire Abu Society, Had
    11. 11 Mother: "The Concert on Thursday Night Was Better Attended, But ..."
    12. 12 Mother: "When She Came Back to the Dressing-Room Her Cheeks Were ..."

    Disk 2 von 3

    1. 1 Grace: "Two Gentlemen Who Were in the Lavatory at the Time Tried ..."
    2. 2 Grace: "The Three Men Left the Bar and the Crowd Sifted Through ..."
    3. 3 Grace: "mrs. Kernan's Puzzled Eyes Watched The Car Till It Was Out ..."
    4. 4 Grace: "The Gentlemen Began to Talk of the Accident. Mr. ..."
    5. 5 Grace: "'i Haven't Such a Bad Opinion of the Jesuits, ' He Said, ..."
    6. 6 Grace: "mrs. Kernan Came To The Door Of The Bedroom And Announced: ..."
    7. 7 Grace: "The Transept of the Jesuit Church in Gardiner Street Was ..."
    8. 8 Dead: "Lily, the Caretaker's Daughter, Was Literally Run off Her Feet."
    9. 9 Dead: "He Waited Outside the Drawing-Room Door Until the Waltz ..."
    10. 10 Dead: "Gabriel Went to the Stairs and Listened over the Banisters. ..."

    Disk 3 von 3

    1. 1 Dead: "Gabriel Could Not Listen While Mary Jane Was Playing Her ..."
    2. 2 Dead: "When the Lancers Were over Gabriel Went Away to a Remote Corner
    3. 3 Dead: "A Murmur in the Room Attracted His Attention. Mr. Browne ..."
    4. 4 Dead: "Gabriel Took His Seat Boldly at the Head of the Table and, ..."
    5. 5 Dead: "The Patting at Once Grew Louder in Encouragement and Then ..."
    6. 6 Dead: "The Piercing Morning Air Came into the Hall Where They Were ..."
    7. 7 Dead: "The Morning Was Still Dark. A Dull, Yellow Light Brooded ..."
    8. 8 Dead: "A Ghostly Light from the Street Lamp Lay in a Long Shaft ..."
    9. 9 Dead: "A Vague Terror Seized Gabriel at This Answer, as If, at ..."
    10. 10 Dead: "She Was Fast Asleep. Gabriell, Leaning on His Elbow, Looked For
    11. 11 Balfe