Ouvertüren zu Acide, Lo Speziale, Le Pescatrici, L'Infedelta Delusa, Der Götterrath, Philemon und Baucis, Il Ritorno Di Tobia, L'Incontro Improvviso, Die Feuersbrunst, Il Mondo Della Luna, La Vera Costanza, L'Isola Disabitata, La Fedelta Premiata, Orlando Paladino, Armida, Die sieben letzten Worte unseres Erlösers am Kreuze, Orfeo Ed Euridice, Die Schöpfung, Die Jahreszeiten
+Ouvertüren H 1a Nr. 7 & 14
  • Künstler: Haydn Sinfonietta Wien, Manfred Huss
  • Label: BIS, DDD, 1994
  • Bestellnummer: 9586748
  • Erscheinungstermin: 24.3.2009


This collection of the 22 extant overtures by Joseph Haydn charts the course of the composer’s creative career from its beginnings in the late baroque, via Classicism to the onset of a wholly new, Romantic musical idiom. From Acide (1762 / 63) to The Seasons (1801), the programme comprises overtures to operas, German Singspiele and oratorios, testifying to Haydn’s unwavering creative power and his seemingly infinite potential for development. Although his operas remain largely unknown today, producing operatic entertainments – by himself or other composers – was one of Haydn’s main tasks during his long employment at the court of the Esterházy family. Especially after an opera house was built at the family’s estate at Eszterháza – the ‘Hungarian Versailles’ – these productions became famous, and even the Empress Maria Theresia is reported to have remarked: ‘If you want to hear a good opera, you must go to Eszterháza!’ The death of Prince Nikolaus Esterházy in 1790 marked the end of the wide-ranging musical activities at Eszterháza, and Haydn’s last opera, Orfeo ed Euridice, was in fact intended for production in London. The overtures of the later years were composed as introductions to the great oratorios. In these works, as Manfred Huss writes in his liner notes to this release, ‘Haydn opened the musical gates far into the nineteenth century.’ The Representation of Chaos, the overture to The Creation, was hailed by its contemporaries as the most revolutionary and modern music of its time, and in his last major work, The Seasons, Haydn continued along the same path, most clearly in the introduction to Winter. This development is particularly striking in the present recordings, which are based on the original parts used at the first performances, and not on the later, published versions. Haydn Sinfonietta Wien’s acclaimed recordings of these works were originally produced and released by the Koch / Schwann label, and have been remastered by BIS Records for this collection.
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Disk 1 von 2

Acide Galatea Hob. Ia:5 (Auszug)

  1. 1 Sinfonia D-Dur

Sinfonia G-Dur Hob Ia:10 "Lo speziale" (Dramma giocosa) (Auszug)

  1. 2 Sinfonia G-Dur

Le Pesatrici Hob. I:106 (Auszug)

  1. 3 Sinfonia D-Dur

L'Infedeltà delusa Hob. Ia:1 (Auszug)

  1. 4 Sinfonia C-Dur

Der Götterrath Hob. Xxixa:1a (Auszug)

  1. 5 Sinfonia C-Dur

Philhemon und Baucis Hob. Ia:8 (Auszug)

  1. 6 Ouvertüre d-moll

Il Ritorno di Tobia Hob. Ia:2 (Auszug)

  1. 7 Ouvertüre c-moll

L'Incontro improvviso Hob. Ia:6 (Auszug)

  1. 8 Sinfonia D-Dur

Die Feuersbrunst Hob. Xxxixa:4 (Auszug) (Ergänzt Durch Sätze Von Ignaz Pleyel)

  1. 9 Sinfonia C-Dur

Il Mondo Della Luna Hob. Xxviii:7 (Auszug)

  1. 10 Sinfonia C-Dur (vervollständigt von Manfred Huss)

Disk 2 von 2

  1. 1 Ouvertüre D-Dur Hob. Ia:7

La vera costanza Hob. Ia:15 (Auszug)

  1. 2 Sinfonia H-Dur

L'Isola disabitata Hob. Ia:13 (Auszug)

  1. 3 Ouvertüre g-moll

La fedeltà premiata Hob. Ia:11 (Auszug)

  1. 4 Sinfonia D-Dur

Orlando Paladino Hob. Ia:16 (Auszug)

  1. 5 Sinfonia H-Dur

Armida Hob. Ia:14 (Auszug)

  1. 6 Sinfonia H-Dur
  1. 7 Ouvertüre D-Dur Hob. Ia:4

Die sieben letzten Worte unseres Erlösers am Kreuze Hob. XX:1 (Oratorium, Instrumentalfassung) (Auszug)

  1. 8 Introduzione d-moll

Orfeo e Euridice (L'Animo del Filosofo) Hob. Hob. Ia:3 (Auszug)

  1. 9 Ouvertüre C-Dur

Die Schöpfung Hob. Xxi:2 (Oratorium) (Auszug)

  1. 10 Die Vorstellung des Chaos

Die Jahreszeiten Hob. Xxi:3 (Oratorium): Der Herbst (Auszug)

  1. 11 Ouvertüre

Die Jahreszeiten Hob. Xxi:3 (Oratorium): Der Winter

  1. 12 Ouvertüre

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