Zodiacs; Ypakoe; Palin; Mandoodles; Pratirupa; In Memory of Two Cats
  • Künstler: Ralph van Raat, Klavier
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2007
  • Bestellnummer: 9981181
  • Erscheinungstermin: 30.5.2008


John Tavener's piano works are less well known than his large orchestral, vocal and choral works, yet at times seem to mark his stylistic and spiritual development on a more personal level. Tavener's first piano work, Palin, foreshadows his search for a spirituality beyond the sophisticated, technical manipulation of musical material. The loss of his cats inspired Tavener to write Mandoodles, depicting short scenes from the life of his cat Mandu, and the bell-like In Memory of Two Cats. Ypakoë, with passages in Greek or Middle Eastern style, is a contemplative meditation on the passion and resurrection of Christ. Pratiru¯pa, Sanskrit for "reflection", is the composer's largest work so far for piano solo. In the words of the composer, in this work "a series of self-reflecting harmonies, melodies and rhythms attempt to reflect the most beautiful, the Divine Presence which resides in every human being"."
  • Tracklisting
  • Mitwirkende
  1. 1 Zodiacs
  2. 2 Ypakoe
  3. 3 Palin
  4. 4 Mandoodles
  5. 5 Pratirupa
  6. 6 In Memory of Two Cats

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