Künstler-Ball-Tänze; Cotillons nach Motiven der Oper "Die Hugenotten";Die Nachtwandler; Beliebte Sperl-Polka; Erinnerung an Deutschland; Jubel-Quadrille; Heimath-Klänge; Original Parade-Marsch; Körnungs-Walzer; Wiener Carnevals-Quadrille
  • Künstler: Slovak Sinfonietta Zilina, Ernst Märzendorfer
  • Label: MP, DDD, 2006
  • Bestellnummer: 7676121
  • Erscheinungstermin: 20.11.2006


In a career that spanned a period from the 1820s until his death in 1849, the older Johann Strauss established an unrivalled position for himself among composers and performers of dance music in Vienna. His own achievements were continued by his three sons, ensuring the name of Strauss was inextricably identified with the musical pleasures of nineteenth-century Vienna. The works featured on this recording date from the 1830s, when Strauss was pre-eminent in the ballrooms of Biedermeier Vienna. Among the musical delights of this tenth volume are the popular Coronation Waltz, described by a local critic as "radiating pure electricity... without a drop of heavy Rhine wine", Home Country Sounds with its fine horn solo sounding out like a sad call from afar to the beloved homeland, and the brilliant Vienna Carnival Quadrille, written in response to the new dance craze transplanted from Paris to Vienna.
  • Tracklisting
  1. 1 Kunstler-Ball-Tanze (Artists' Ball Dances), Walzer, Op. 94
  2. 2 Cotillons Nach Motiven Der Oper Die Hugenotten (Cotillons On Motifs From The Opera The Hugunots), Op. 92
  3. 3 Die Nachtwandler (The Sleepwalkers), Walzer, Op. 88
  4. 4 Beliebte Sperl-Polka (Popular Sperl Polka), Op. 133
  5. 5 Erinnerung An Deutschland (Reminiscence Of Germany), Walzer, Op. 87
  6. 6 Jubel-Quadrille (Anniversary Quadrille), Op. 130
  7. 7 Heimath-Klange (Home Country Sounds), Op. 84
  8. 8 Original Parade-Marsch (Original Parade March), Op. 102
  9. 9 Kronungs-Walzer (Coronation Waltz), Op. 91
  10. 10 Wiener Carnevals-Quadrille (Vienna Carnival Quadrille), Op. 124

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