Henry Purcell: Harmonia Sacra

    Harmonia Sacra
    CD (Compact Disc)

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    • Tell me, some pitying angel; In the black, dismal dungeon of despair; We sing to him, whose wisdom form'd the eat; Air g-moll; Great God, and just; My song shall be alway; Ground d-moll; Lord, what is man; Letz the night perish; Chaconne g-moll; The night is come; With sick and famish'd eyes; How have I stray'd; Suite g-moll; My opening eyes are purged; How long, great God; Gound c-molll; Sleep Adam, and take thy rest; Thou wakeful shepherd; The earth trembled; Now that the sun hath veil'd his light
    • Künstler: Rosemary Joshua, Les Talens Lyriques, Christophe Rousset
    • Label: Aparte, DDD, 2011
    • Bestellnummer: 2324378
    • Erscheinungstermin: 20.4.2012
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    • Mitwirkende
    1. 1 The Blessed Virgin's Expostulation Z 196 (Tell me, some pitying Angel)
    2. 2 In the black, dismal dungeon of despair
    3. 3 We sing to him, whose wisdom form'd the ear
    4. 4 Air g-moll
    5. 5 Great God, and just (A penitential hymn)
    6. 6 My song shall be always
    7. 7 Ground d-moll
    8. 8 Lord, what is man?
    9. 9 Let the night perish
    10. 10 Chaconne g-moll
    11. 11 The night is come (An evening hymn)
    12. 12 With sick and famish'd eyes
    13. 13 How have I stray'd
    Suite für Cembalo Nr. 2 g-moll Z 661
    1. 14 1. Prelude
    2. 15 2. Allemande
    3. 16 3. Courante
    4. 17 4. Sarabande
    1. 18 My opening eyes are purged (A divine song of the Passion of our Saviour)
    2. 19 How long, great God
    3. 20 Ground c-moll
    4. 21 Sleep, Adam, and take thy rest
    5. 22 Thou wakeful shepherd (A morning hymn)
    6. 23 The earth trembled (On our Saviour's Passion)
    7. 24 Now that the sun hath veil'd his light (An evening hymn on a ground)