Champagne Galop Nr. 1; Queen Louise Waltz; Copenhagen Steam Railway Galop; Dream Pictures; Salute to August Bournonville; Concert-Polka für 2 Violinen; Amelie Vals; Sounds from Kroll's Dance Hall; Petersborg Champagne Galop aus der Suite "Memories of St. Petersburg"; Britta Polka; Columbine Polka-Mazurka; Telegraph Galop; Hesperus; Finale-Galop aus "The Guardsmen of Amager"
  • Künstler: Tivoli SO, Giordano Bellincampi, David Riddell, Tamas Vetö
  • Label: Naxos, ADD/DDD
  • Bestellnummer: 8579040
  • Erscheinungstermin: 30.8.2010


Hans Christian Lumbye is today the internationally best known and most popular Danish composer of dances of the 19th Century. In 1843 when the now world-famous amusement park Tivoli opened its gates in Copenhagen, Lumbye acquired a permanent setting for his long and prolific composing and conducting career as the leader of the concert hall's orchestra. In the best of his works his orchestrations have a distinctive, lyrical, almost pristine Copenhagen sound that differs from the Vienna composers' more hot-blooded orchestral tone. This album celebrates the special freshness and artistic integrity of his delightful music.
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  1. 1 Champagner-Galopp
  2. 2 Drönning Louise (Walzer)
  3. 3 Kobenhavns Jernbane Damp Galop
  4. 4 Drömmebilleder (Fantasie)
  5. 5 Salut for August Bournonville
  6. 6 Concert-Polka (für 2 Violinen)
  7. 7 Amélie (Walzer)
  8. 8 Krolls Ballklange (Walzer)

Memories of St Petersburg (Suite) (Auszug)

  1. 9 Petersborgerinden (Polka)
  1. 10 Britta Polka
  2. 11 Columbine (Polka Mazur)
  3. 12 Telegraph Galop
  4. 13 Hesperus (Klänge) (Waltz)

Livjaegerne pa Amager (Ballett) (Auszug)

  1. 14 Finale-Galop

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