Värsang; Studentsang; Sang für Nordiska Ynglingar; Det Var Da; Philomele; Den Sjuttonariga; Förgät Mig Ej; Till Jonas Peron; Fredmans Epistel Nr. 13, 14, 25; Kreivin Sylissä Istunut; Folkvisa; Turvaton; Verinen Poika; Fantasi Över Ett Finsk Tema; Frühlingsglaube; Ich bin nun einmal so; Der Jäger auf der Kirchweih; Wiegenlied; Die Abendglocke auf dem Berge; Lied an die schöne Müllerin; A La Melancolie; Rheinweinlied; Schenkt ein; Trinklied; Björneborgarnas Marsch; Soumis Sang; Finlands Flagga; Hymn Till Finland; Vart Land
  • Künstler: Akademiska Sangförenningen, Henrik Wikström
  • Label: BIS, DDD, 2008
  • Bestellnummer: 2847077
  • Erscheinungstermin: 24.3.2009


Born in Hamburg 200 years ago, Fredrik Pacius studied with Ludwig Spohr in Kassel, before serving as a violinist in the orchestra of the Royal Opera in Stockholm. When he arrived in Helsinki in 1835 it was in order to take up the post of music lecturer at the city's university. By the time of his death, almost six decades in the service of the musical life of his new country had earned him the epithet ‘the father of Finnish music’. He composed the first Finnish opera – Kung Karls jakt – and other works for the stage include The Princess of Cyprus and Loreley, both of which are available on BIS. But what he is mainly remembered for today is Vårt land ('Our Land'), the national anthem of Finland, which he composed and conducted the first performance of in 1848. The choir at this occasion was Akademiska Sångföreningen (The Academic Male Voice Choir of Helsinki) which Pacius himself had founded in 1838. Some 160 years later the same choir performs the song here, together with other repertoire written or arranged for it by Pacius. The programme is made up of songs in Swedish (including some of the emblematic patriotic songs of the evolving nation, as well as works in a lighter vein), Finnish (mainly arrangements of folk-songs) and German – settings by Pacius of poems in his native language by writers such as Friedrich Rückert. Following the choirs traditions some of the songs are here performed by a more intimate ensemble, i. e. quartet or octet.
  • Tracklisting
  • Mitwirkende
  1. 1 Vårsång (På hopppets dag) (Stig upp på bergen!) (1844)
  2. 2 Studentsång (Kring Saimens och Ladogas fjärdar ich skär) (1835)
  3. 3 Sång för Nordiska Ynglingar (1839)
  4. 4 Det var då (1841)
  5. 5 Philomele (1836)
  6. 6 Den Sjuttonåriga (Quartett) (1843)
  7. 7 Förgät mig ej (Oktett) (1841)
  8. 8 Till Jonas Perón (1843)
  9. 9 Fredmans Epistel Nr. 14 (Oktett)
  10. 10 Fredmans Epistel Nr. 25 (Oktett)
  11. 11 Fredmans Epistel Nr. 13
  12. 12 Kreivin sylissä istunut
  13. 13 Folkvisa (Laulu kanteletta soittavalle tytölle)
  14. 14 Turvaton (Quartett)
  15. 15 Folkvisa (Rannalla itkijä) (Quartett)
  16. 16 Verinen poika (Veisurmaaja)
  17. 17 Fantasi över ett finskt tema
  18. 18 Frühlingsglaube (1837)
  19. 19 Ich bin nun einmal so (1842)
  20. 20 Gespräche der Irrlichter (1843)
  21. 21 Der Jäger auf der Krichweih (Oktett) (1844)
  22. 22 Wiegenlied (Quartett) (1842)
  23. 23 Die Abendglocke auf dem Berge (Quartett)
  24. 24 Lied an die schöne Müllerin (1844)
  25. 25 # la mélancolie (1837)
  26. 26 Rheinweinlied (1841)
  27. 27 Schenkt ein! (1843)
  28. 28 Trinklied (1843)
  29. 29 Björneorgarnas Marsch
  30. 30 Suomis såns (1954)
  31. 31 Fuinlands flagga (1963)
  32. 32 Hymn till Finland (1852)
  33. 33 Vårt land (1948)

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