Holst: A Moorside Suite
+Purcell: Chacony in g
+Lewis: Rosa Mundi
+Carse: The Winton Suite
+Warlock: Bethlehem Down
+Carr: A Very English Music
+W. Lloyd Webber: Waltz in e
+Sainsbury: 2 Nocturnes
+Lipkin: From Across La Manche

  • Künstler: Royal Ballet Sinfonia, Gavin Sutherland
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2003
  • Bestellnummer: 7974388
  • Erscheinungstermin: 11.9.2006


Volume 6 of the Naxos series of English String Miniatures continues with music by composers ranging from Purcell, Holst and William Lloyd Webber, whose name may be more familiar through the achievements of his two sons, to Adam Carse, best known for numerous string pieces for young players, and Malcolm Lipkin, composer of three symphonies. Paul Carr's A Very English Music is a paean to the English countryside and way of life, while Malcolm Lipkin's suite From Across La Manche is a celebration of Europe, a spiritual coming together in which symbols of different musical cultures can be heard.
  • Tracklisting
  • Mitwirkende
  1. 1 A Moorside Suite (arr. P. Lane): I. Scherzo
  2. 2 A Moorside Suite (arr. P. Lane): II. Nocturne
  3. 3 A Moorside Suite (Arr. P. Lane): Iii. March
  4. 4 Chacony in G minor, Z. 730 (arr. B. Britten)
  5. 5 Rosa Mundi
  6. 6 The Winton Suite: I. Prelude
  7. 7 The Winton Suite: II. Air
  8. 8 The Winton Suite: Iii. Dance
  9. 9 The Winton Suite: IV. Song
  10. 10 The Winton Suite: V. Finale
  11. 11 Bethlehem Down (arr. P. Lane)
  12. 12 A Very English Music: I. Cuckmere Haven
  13. 13 A Very English Music: II. Cornish Air
  14. 14 A Very English Music: Iii. The Hunt Gathering
  15. 15 Waltz in E minor
  16. 16 2 Nocturnes: No. 1. Molto lento
  17. 17 2 Nocturnes: No. 2. Mesto e semplice
  18. 18 From across La manche: I. Overture
  19. 19 From across La manche: II. Ballade
  20. 20 From Across La Manche: Iii. Dance-Finale

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