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Dave Brubeck is a product not only of Judeo-Christian thinking but of the humanistic tradition of the Enlightenment. His identification with Jews, blacks, and with all who have known the lash of oppression is anything but accidental. The Hebrew Bible and most particularly the prophetic writings with their passion for social justice represent for him the essence of religious thought. Like Martin Luther King, Jr., Dave Brubeck is convinced that 'we must learn to live together as brothers, or die together as fools.' The Gates of Justice is a cantata based on Jewish texts, but its message is universal."- Rabbi Charles D. Mintz"
  • Tracklisting
  1. 1 I. Lord, The Heavens Cannot Contain Thee
  2. 2 II. Oh, Come Let Us Sing
  3. 3 Iiia. Open The Gates
  4. 4 Iiib. Chorale
  5. 5 IVa. Except The Lord Build The House
  6. 6 IVb. Except The Lord Build The House (Improvisation)
  7. 7 V. Lord, Lord
  8. 8 VI. Ye Shall Be Holy
  9. 9 Vii. Shout Unto The Lord
  10. 10 Viii. When I Behold Thy Heavens
  11. 11 Ix. How Glorious Is Thy Name
  12. 12 X. The Lord Is Good
  13. 13 XI. His Truth Is A Shield
  14. 14 Xii. Oh, Come Let Us Sing A New Song

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