Al Piemonte; Scherzo in stile classico; Il poema delle Dolomiti; Sarabanda "Omaggio a Corelli";Grotte di Postumia; Strapaese
  • Künstler: Münchner Philharmoniker, Carlo Alberto Pizzini
  • Label: Naxos, ADD/m, 1955/56
  • Bestellnummer: 3417247
  • Erscheinungstermin: 4.4.2008


The Italian composer Carlo Alberto Pizzini studied composition with Ottorino Respighi. He wrote in almost every form, from chamber music through music for choir, orchestra and band to incidental music for theatre, television and films. As a conductor he gave concerts all over the world, usually including his own compositions. This recording features a number of Pizzini's most important orchestral works. The symphonic poem Al Piemonte was inspired by the history, the natural beauty and the famously zealous work-ethic of the Piedmont region of northern Italy, where the Roman-born Pizzini lived and worked for many years. When Respighi saw his young pupil's score for Il poema delle Dolomiti he scribbled on it 'Bravo!', adding: 'They'll say to you what they said to me at Carnegie Hall in New York after they played Pines of Rome: 'Compliments to you and to the roof!' (because it had withstood the huge battery of sound).
  • Tracklisting
  • Mitwirkende
  1. 1 Al Piemonte (To Piedmont): I. Insegne gloriose (Banners of glory)
  2. 2 Al Piemonte (To Piedmont): II. Notturno sulle Alpi (Alpine nocturne)
  3. 3 Al Piemonte (To Piedmont): Iii. Macchine E Cuori (La Fiat) (Cars And Hearts (Fiat))
  4. 4 Symphony In C Minor: Iii. Scherzo In Stile Classico (Scherzo In Classical Style)
  5. 5 Il poema delle Dolomiti (The Poem of the Dolomites): I. Risveglio nel sole (Awakening in the Sun)
  6. 6 Il poema delle Dolomiti (The Poem of the Dolomites): II. Praterie fiorite (Flower-filled Meadows)
  7. 7 Il Poema Delle Dolomiti (The Poem Of The Dolomites): Iii. Il Lago Di Carezza (The Lake Of Carezza)
  8. 8 Il poema delle Dolomiti (The Poem of the Dolomites): IV. Tofane eroiche (The Heroic Tofane)
  9. 9 Sarabanda, "Omaggio a Corelli"
  10. 10 Grotte di Postumia (The Caves of Postojna)
  11. 11 Strapaese, impressioni dal vero (Impression of the Feast-day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary)

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