Ives: Loncoln, the Great Commoner
+Persichetti: A LoncolnAddress
+Harris: Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight für Sopran & Klaviertrio
+Bacon: Ford's Theatre: A Few Glimpses of Easter Week
+Gould: Lincoln Legend
+McKay: To a Liberator (A Lincoln Tribute)
+Turok: Variations on an American Song: Aspects of Lincoln and Liberty
+Copland: Lincoln Portrait
  • Künstler: Sharon Mabry, Mary Kathryn Van Osdale, Naschville Symphony Chorus & Orchestra, Leonard Slatkin
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2007/2008
  • Bestellnummer: 8766461
  • Erscheinungstermin: 2.3.2009


Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), sixteenth President of the United States, has inspired many works of literature, art and music. To celebrate the bicentennial of Lincoln's birth, the Nashville Symphony, Leonard Slatkin and Naxos have selected eight important works by leading American composers, some setting Lincoln's own immortal words, some words of poets inspired by him, others based on Lincoln's life and ideals. Turok's Variations on an American Song: Aspects of Lincoln and Liberty is based on a folk tune Lincoln used as a campaign song, Rosin the Bow.
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Disk 1 von 2

  1. 1 Lincoln, the Great Commoner
  2. 2 Barry Scott: A Lincoln Address, Op. 124
  3. 3 Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight
  4. 4 Ford's Theater: I. Preamble
  5. 5 Ford's Theater: II. Walt Whitman and the Dying Soldier
  6. 6 Ford's Theater: Iii. Passing Troops
  7. 7 Ford's Theater: IV. The Telegraph Fugue (an Etude for Strings - with Timpani)
  8. 8 Ford's Theater: V. Moonlight on the Savannah
  9. 9 Ford's Theater: VI. The Theatre
  10. 10 Ford's Theater: Vii. The River Queen
  11. 11 Ford's Theater: Viii. Premonitions (A Duett With A Hall Clock)
  12. 12 Ford's Theater: IX. Pennsylvania Avenue, April 9, 1865
  13. 13 Ford's Theater: X. Good Friday, 1865
  14. 14 Ford's Theater: XI. The Long Rain
  15. 15 Ford's Theater: Xii. Conclusion

Disk 2 von 2

  1. 1 Lincoln Legend
  2. 2 To a Liberator: I. Evocation
  3. 3 To a Liberator: II. Choral Scene
  4. 4 To A Liberator: Iii. March
  5. 5 To a Liberator: IV. Declaration
  6. 6 To a Liberator: V. Epilogue
  7. 7 Variations on an American Song: Aspects of Lincoln and Liberty, Op. 20
  8. 8 Barry Scott: Lincoln Portrait

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