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Weitere Ausgaben von The Enchanted Castle

Read by Joanna Page


A mysterious knight all in green arrives at King Arthur’s court and issues a bizarre challenge. Gawain answers the knight – but at what cost? This new translation keeps all the poetic power of the original’s extraordinary alliteration. In doing so it brings the saga vividly to life, and in a manner that demands to be heard. One of the greatest stories of English literature from any period, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a magical medieval combination of the epic and the uncanny.


Edith Nesbit's stories remain popular in the 21st century. Three children ? Jerry (bossy), Jimmy (hungry) and Kathleen (sensible) ? find themselves standing in front of a bejewelled princess in the garden of an enchanted castle. It is the first day of their summer holidays. Is she really a princess? And if she isn?t, what about her ring which makes the wearer invisible?

Biografie (Edith Nesbit)

Edith Nesbit (1858 - 1924) ist eine der bekanntesten Kinderbuchautorinnen Englands. Ihre Werke gehören zu den Kinderbuchklassikern.

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