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The Four Just Men, in this second of Wallace’s ingenious series of thrillers, pit themselves against The Red Hundred, an organisation dedicated to international anarchy, led by the charismatic, mysterious and beautiful assassin, the Woman of Gratz. As always, the avengers’ methods are meticulously planned and ruthlessly executed.

Bill Homewood is well known for his appearances in numerous television shows and leading roles in the West End and for the Royal Shakespeare Company. His other recordings for Naxos AudioBooks include Les Misérables, King Solomon’s Mines, The Count of Monte Cristo and She.


In his Four Just Men series, Edgar Wallace comes up with something different: the 'villains' are not necessarily bad people, and the pursuers of justice, the Four Just Men, as they call themselves, are acting outside the law. They argue that their actions are for the public good, and dispassionately eke the ultimate revenge death on their victims. In their turn, the Four Just Men are pursued by the police, but somehow remain our heroes. The Four Just Men, in this second of Wallace's ingenious series of thrillers, pit themselves against The Red Hundred, an organisation dedicated to international anarchy, led by the charismatic and beautiful assassin, the Woman of Gratz. As always, the avengers' methods are meticulously planned and ruthlessly executed.


Geboren wurde Edgar Wallace 1875 als unehelicher Sohn eines Schauspielers. Er wuchs in armen Verhältnissen auf, blieb ohne Schulabschluss und schlug sich mit Gelegenheitsjobs durch. Schließlich begann er kleine Artikel für Zeitungen zu schreiben. Mit Erfolg: Er arbeitete sich hoch bis zum Chefredakteur. Später lebte er als freier Schriftsteller und schrieb Sachbücher, Gedichte und Theaterstücke, 1904 schließlich seinen ersten Krimi; das Debüt einer beispiellosen Karriere. Edgar Wallace verfasste 175 Romane, 24 Theaterstücke, eine große Anzahl von Kurzgeschichten, Essays, Zeitungs- und Zeitschriftenartikeln und Drehbüchern. Die Filme, die nach seinen Vorlagen gedreht wurden, sind kaum zu zählen. Edgar Wallace verstarb hoch verschuldet 1932 in Hollywood.
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Disk 1 von 4

  1. 1 Chapter 1: The Red Hundred
  2. 2 "There were three delegates from Baden, Herr Schmidt"
  3. 3 "Two men stumbled into the car, one dumbfounded and silent"
  4. 4 The air of the crowded hall struck the two men in the face
  5. 5 So her fame had grown until her father died and she went to
  6. 6 Chapter 2: The Fourth Man
  7. 7 The detective jumped at the opportunity.
  8. 8 They passed through the crowd that had gathered about the hall
  9. 9 "Enthusiast, dreamer and intellectual, of course, said Gonsalez"
  10. 10 "In Middlesex Street, in the almost emptied hall, Falmouth stood."
  11. 11 Chapter 3: Jesson Alias Long
  12. 12 It may be observed that Mr. Long at the threshold of the house
  13. 13 Nobody rose to greet the newcomers. The flashy man nodded
  14. 14 It would not be fair to follow Jesson through the elaborate
  15. 15 Chapter 4: The Red Bean
  16. 16 He was one of the seven that gathered in the dingy

Disk 2 von 4

  1. 1 Starque stabbed the list before him with a thick forefinger.
  2. 2 He had to invent a story that would pass muster.
  3. 3 So complete and inexplicable was the chill that had come to
  4. 4 Chapter 5: The Council Of Justice
  5. 5 Bartholomew had regained a little of his self assurance.
  6. 6 "Here, wake up! Somebody was shaking his arm"
  7. 7 If Bartholomews need for cutting himself adrift
  8. 8 Chapter 6: Princess Revolutionary
  9. 9 Bartholomew took a fresh grip of the chair.
  10. 10 "He saw her, standing near the body of the man"
  11. 11 Chapter 7: The Government and Mr. Jessen
  12. 12 It was subsequent to Mr. Jessens visit to the Home Office
  13. 13 The detective remembered that this hereditary Prince
  14. 14 Chapter 8: An Incident In The Fight
  15. 15 That night His Highness arrived promptly at eight oclock
  16. 16 "Carlos Ferdinand Bourbon, Prince of the Escorial"
  17. 17 Chapter 9: The Four Versus The Hundred

Disk 3 von 4

  1. 1 "Its a humiliating confession, said the chief commissioner"
  2. 2 Thereafter Von Dunop was not permitted to enjoy his walk
  3. 3 Chapter 10: The Trial
  4. 4 "it Was In The Lodge Room Of The Pride Of Millwall, Aosa"
  5. 5 "After this, the sum of his transgressions was pronounced"
  6. 6 The power of the Red Hundred was broken.
  7. 7 "There are two ways of writing about the police, Sir"
  8. 8 Chapter 11: Manfred
  9. 9 "Come in, he said, in answer to the knock."
  10. 10 What is it you see that displeases you? he asked.
  11. 11 "Still he made no sign, sitting there all huddled in the big"
  12. 12 Chapter 12: In Wandsworth Jail
  13. 13 Manfred refused to plead guilty or not guilty.
  14. 14 "The governor, still frowning thoughtfully, left the cell."
  15. 15 He might have been tried at the sessions following his committal
  16. 16 Armed with the authority of the Home Secretary came
  17. 17 Chapter 13: The Rational Faithers
  18. 18 Poiccart made no response. He is also the head

Disk 4 von 4

  1. 1 His pause was so long that Poiccart interjected an
  2. 2 "The hotel was well surrounded by midnight, but so skillfully"
  3. 3 Chapter 14: At The Old Bailey
  4. 4 So he went on to speak of the Four Just Men who had founded
  5. 5 You come to speak on behalf of the accused? asked the judge.
  6. 6 Let me put another case. Suppose you governed
  7. 7 The court was so still that he could hear the scratchings of
  8. 8 It would be madness to expect a civilized country
  9. 9 Chapter 15: Chelmsford
  10. 10 He woke with the chief warders hand on his arm
  11. 11 The detached house facing the prison was fortunately
  12. 12 Until 6 oclock these men rested ? as men must rest
  13. 13 "Another silence, and then Leon resumed"
  14. 14 Chapter 16: The Execution
  15. 15 Three days before the date fixed for the execution
  16. 16 He was accurate in his surmise. At the eleventh hour
  17. 17 "Manfred felt himself caught in a net, deft hands"

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