• Sewell,Anna:Black Beauty
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  • Naxos AudioBooks, 11/1998
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  • Maße: 140 x 125 mm
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  • Erscheinungstermin: 30.11.1998
(in englischer Sprache)
Sprecher: Jonathan Keeble


Black Beauty, the friendly, patient stallion with a white blaze upon his forehead, is one of the most familiar figures in children’s literature. After the first lively carefree years in the fields, Black Beauty learns to accept the saddle and bridle and the rule of his masters. But a succession of misfortunes shows that the life of a horse can be harsh and painful. This touching portrait, full of drama and sadness, is as moving now as when it was first written in 1877.


This story of a thoroughbred horse's adventures of life, cruel misfortunes and ultimate triumph, remains a favorite among young listeners.

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