• Pax Britannica (unabridged)
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Product Information

The Pax Britannica trilogy is Jan Morris’s masterly telling of the British Empire from the accession of Queen Victoria to the death of Winston Churchill. It is a towering achievement: informative, accessible, entertaining and written with all her usual bravura.

The Climax of an Empire Read by Roy McMillan

Jan Morris is a leading historian and travel writer. She has spent ten years working as a foreign correspondent and has written some 40 books of history, travel, biography and fiction, including Venice.

Roy McMillan is a director, writer, actor and abridger. For Naxos AudioBooks he has directed many readings, written podcasts and sleevenotes, and read titles such as The Body Snatcher and Other Stories, Bulldog Drummond and The French Revolution – In a Nutshell.


The Pax Britannica trilogy is Jan Morris's magnificent history of the British Empire from 1837 to 1965. Huge in scope and ambition, it is always personal and immediate, bringing the story vividly to life. Pax Britannica, the second volume, is a snapshot of the Empire at the Diamond Jubilee of 1897. It looks at what made up the Empire from adventurers and politicians to communications and infrastructure, as well as anomalies and eccentricities. This humane overview also examines the muddle of jumbled ideologies behind it, and how it affected its 370 million people.
  • Tracklisting
  1. 1 Introduction by Jan Morris
  2. 2 Pax Britannica ? The British Empire 1897
  3. 3 Chapter 1: The Heirs of Rome
  4. 4 2: The crowds outside waited in proud excitement
  5. 5 3: Many and varied energies had swept the British
  6. 6 Among the better-informed
  7. 7 "4: Within two minutes, we are told"
  8. 8 5: More gratifying still was the tribute of the Empire itself.
  9. 9 6: The procession itself was a superb display
  10. 10 7: Everybody agreed it was a great success.
  11. 11 Chapter 2: Palm and Pine
  12. 12 2: Outside this heterogeneous mass there shone
  13. 13 3: All this the British people surveyed
  14. 14 4: So they were motley origins
  15. 15 "5: Never since the world began, Seeley had written"
  16. 16 6: So it looked to the British.
  17. 17 Chapter 3: Life-lines
  18. 18 2: A favourite map of the time was the kind that showed
  19. 19 "3: Elaborate systems of supply, defence and communication"

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