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Product Information

Pax Britannica, the second volume, is a snapshot of the Empire at the Diamond Jubilee of 1897. It looks at what made up the Empire – from adventures and politicians to communications and infrastructure, as well as anomalies and eccentricities. This humane overview also examines the muddle of jumbled ideologies behind it, and how they affected its 370 million people.

The Climax of an Empire Read by Roy McMillan

Jan Morris is a leading historian and travel writer. She has spent ten years working as a foreign correspondent and has written some 40 books of history, travel, biography and fiction, including Venice.

Roy McMillan is a director, writer, actor and abridger. For Naxos AudioBooks he has directed many readings, written podcasts and sleevenotes, and read titles such as The Body Snatcher and Other Stories, Bulldog Drummond and The French Revolution – In a Nutshell.


The Pax Britannica trilogy is Jan Morris's magnificent history of the British Empire from 1837 to 1965. Huge in scope and ambition, it is always personal and immediate, bringing the story vividly to life. Pax Britannica, the second volume, is a snapshot of the Empire at the Diamond Jubilee of 1897. It looks at what made up the Empire from adventurers and politicians to communications and infrastructure, as well as anomalies and eccentricities. This humane overview also examines the muddle of jumbled ideologies behind it, and how it affected its 370 million people.


Jan Morris ist eine der bekanntesten britischen Schriftstellerinnen. In ihrer ersten Lebenshälfte war sie als James Morris ein legendärer Reporter und Auslandskorrespondent, der 1953 schlagartig berühmt wurde, als er unter abenteuerlichen Umständen den Exklusivbericht über die Erstbesteigung des Mount Everest in die Londoner Times brachte. 1972 unterzog sich Morris im Alter von 46 Jahren einer Geschlechtsumwandlung und lebt seither als Schriftstellerin.
  • Tracklisting

Disk 1 von 6

  1. 1 Introduction read by Jan Morris
  2. 2 Pax Britannica ? The Climax of an Empire
  3. 3 Within two minutes we are told
  4. 4 The Diamond Jubilee crystallized the new conception of Empire
  5. 5 Most Englishmen asked what it was all about
  6. 6 To other nations the imperial methods often seemed
  7. 7 The British had invented submarine cables
  8. 8 The movement of people out of the British islands
  9. 9 As for the flora and fauna
  10. 10 Beneath a low kopje on the Makabusi River
  11. 11 "The Company had been, it is true, under a cloud"
  12. 12 But far lower even than the vagrants in the social scale
  13. 13 The infatuated British public did not greatly concern itself
  14. 14 Trade was a steadier imperial impulse

Disk 2 von 6

  1. 1 Such was the profit-mechanism of Empire
  2. 2 Many years before Dr. Livingstone had laid another trail
  3. 3 The evangelical mood was now past its prime
  4. 4 And there was one more stimulus to splendour
  5. 5 Another cause of racialism was fundamentalist religion
  6. 6 The British distrusted the product of this system
  7. 7 We have been speaking of the general
  8. 8 Like many another island fortress
  9. 9 Socially St. Lucia tended to dwell upon a past
  10. 10 "No Caesar or Charlemagne, Disraeli once said"
  11. 11 "Below Parliament, and subject to its Secretaries of State"
  12. 12 It was an imperial maxim that the administrators of Empire
  13. 13 All over the Empire these administrators
  14. 14 Some of the greatest British jurists had presided

Disk 3 von 6

  1. 1 Consider the island of Ascension
  2. 2 The imperial complexity was all too apparent
  3. 3 When Kipling first went east from India
  4. 4 "By now the merchants of Empire, no less than the governors"
  5. 5 Among the white settlers everywhere
  6. 6 The age of the great explorers was almost over
  7. 7 There were only three British soldiers whose personalities
  8. 8 Two politicians of very different stamp set the pace
  9. 9 Northward from the Punjabi village of Kalka
  10. 10 The British Government in India was a despotism
  11. 11 The Viceroy knew that his was a unique imperial trust.
  12. 12 The New Imperialism was born out of a medley of moods
  13. 13 They liked their creature comforts

Disk 4 von 6

  1. 1 Throughout the length and breadth of the Empire
  2. 2 They had developed to a new pitch of finesse
  3. 3 Much of the driving force of imperialism
  4. 4 But there was to this great communal exploit
  5. 5 It was by their buildings that earlier Empires were most
  6. 6 One day in 1836 Colonel William Light
  7. 7 The British had a genius for parks.
  8. 8 Most of the statues in the British Empire
  9. 9 The difficulty about imperialism as a literary motif
  10. 10 "Yet the third of our writers, a short-sighted journalist"
  11. 11 "In literature as in art, the British settlers overseas"
  12. 12 Among the waters of the Indus Basin
  13. 13 But this was the railway age ? its tail-end in Britain
  14. 14 They were making a start with tropical medicine.

Disk 5 von 6

  1. 1 In 1897 the most-frequented route into the goldfields
  2. 2 Canada was still a colony of the British Empire
  3. 3 The first Europeans in Canada were the French
  4. 4 The Pax Britannica was not a boastful fraud.
  5. 5 But also at the Queens command stood another army
  6. 6 The great shrine of the epic
  7. 7 To every right-thinking Englishman the Army was only
  8. 8 "In materiel, too, the Royal Navy was deficient in some"
  9. 9 "Let us ourselves, guide in hand, wander around London"
  10. 10 "The New Imperialism was too new, and too sudden"
  11. 11 A shifting population of colonials moved through London.
  12. 12 But cause and effect were often muddled
  13. 13 By Telfords road or Stephensons railway line
  14. 14 The British in Ireland did not think of themselves

Disk 6 von 6

  1. 1 Of all the cities the British had created across the waters
  2. 2 Where there was not actual opposition
  3. 3 If precedents were anything to go by
  4. 4 Some of its foreign critics were merely jealous.
  5. 5 The fashionable New Imperialist theory
  6. 6 Was it a Christian Empire?
  7. 7 Buried away among it all was a conviction
  8. 8 The British missed no opportunity to demonstrate the wealth
  9. 9 In these years African chiefs of savage splendour
  10. 10 But if in some corners of the British Empire
  11. 11 Queen Victoria went home happy on her Jubilee Day.

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