• Oliver Twist
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  • Abridged. Oliver Twist Retold for younger listeners
  • Mitwirkender: Oliver Dickens


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Oliver Twist runs away from the brutality of the workhouse only to find himself taken in by a gang of thieves run by the devilish Fagin, his violent side-kick Bill Sikes and the irrepressible Artful Dodger. Rescued from London¿s dingiest and darkest dens but then forced to help in a violent burglary, Oliver¿s chances of survival are slim, and his chances of happiness almost nil. But one member of the gang risks everything to save him - and loses everything as a result.
Roy McMillan combines an abridged version of Dickens¿s novel with his own helpful explanations to retell the story for younger listeners.


This is a retelling (by Roy McMillan) of Dickens classic novel, specially adapted and abridged for a younger audience. The reader is Jonathan Keeble; 2 CDs.
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Disk 1 von 2

  1. 1 Among their other public buildings, most towns have a workhouse
  2. 2 The evening arrived; the boys took their places.
  3. 3 Oliver had been at the undertaker's some three weeks...
  4. 4 The journey took him nearly a week.
  5. 5 It was late next morning when Oliver awoke
  6. 6 For many days, Oliver remained in Fagin's room
  7. 7 Meanwhile, back at Fagin's den
  8. 8 Oliver was tended with all Mrs. Bedwin's care
  9. 9 At length they turned into a very filthy narrow street
  10. 10 Fagin locked him in the room, alone, for many days
  11. 11 It was a chill, damp, windy night
  12. 12 Bill and Oliver woke the next day at half-past five
  13. 13 The night was bitter cold
  14. 14 Fagin stopped to hear no more
  15. 15 He had reached the corner of his own street

Disk 2 von 2

  1. 1 And now we can return to Oliver Twist
  2. 2 While they sat quietly, a gig drove up to the garden-gate
  3. 3 Spring flew swiftly by, and summers came
  4. 4 Not many weeks later
  5. 5 On the next evening, monks went to Fagin's house
  6. 6 After a sleepless and anxious night...
  7. 7 It was nearly two hours before day-break
  8. 8 The twilight was beginning to close in
  9. 9 Monks drew his breath yet more freely
  10. 10 In the borough of Southwark stands Jacob's Island
  11. 11 Some two days after these events, Oliver was travelling in a coach
  12. 12 'The will,' said Mr. Brownlow, as Oliver's tears fell fast...
  13. 13 The fortunes of those who have figured in this tale are nearly closed

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