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  • Label: NAXOS AUDIO BOOKS, 2011
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Disk 1 von 29

  1. 1 Don Quixote By Miguel De Cervantes [saavedra] Chapter 1
  2. 2 The first thing he did was to clean up some armour
  3. 3 Chapter 2 Which Treats Of The First Sally The Ingenious Don Quixote
  4. 4 Writers there are who say the first adventure he met with
  5. 5 The host fancied he called him Castellan because he took
  6. 6 Chapter 3 Wherein Is Related The Droll Way In Which Don Quixote
  7. 7 Don Quixote promised to follow his advice scrupulously
  8. 8 But these freaks of his guest were not much to the liking of
  9. 9 Chapter 4 Of What Happened To Our Knight When He Left The Inn.
  10. 10 "The difficulty is, Sir Knight, that I have no money here"
  11. 11 After he had gone about two miles Don Quixote perceived
  12. 12 Chapter 5 In Which The Narrative Of Our Knights Mishap
  13. 13 "I know who I am, replied Don Quixote, and I know that I may"
  14. 14 Chapter 6 Of The Diverting And Important Scrutiny
  15. 15 "To all this the barber gave his assent, and looked upon it as right"

Disk 2 von 29

  1. 1 "This book, said the barber, opening another, is the ten"
  2. 2 Chapter 7 Of The Second Sally Of Our Worthy Knight Don Quixote
  3. 3 "In short, then, he remained at home fifteen days very quietly"
  4. 4 Chapter 8 Of The Good Fortune Which The Valiant Don Quixote Had
  5. 5 Don Quixote could not help laughing at his squires simplicity
  6. 6 "So saying, he advanced and posted himself in the middle of the road"
  7. 7 "Don Quixote understood him quite well, and answered him"
  8. 8 Part 2 Chapter 9 In Which Is Concluded The Terrific Battle
  9. 9 "When I heard Dulcinea del Toboso named, I was struck with surprise"
  10. 10 In this history I know will be found all that can be desired
  11. 11 Chapter 10 Of The Pleasant Discourse That Passed
  12. 12 Sancho took out some lint and ointment from the saddle-bags
  13. 13 Chapter 11 What Befell Don Quixote With Certain Goatherds
  14. 14 All this long harangue (which might very well have been spared)
  15. 15 Chapter 12 Of What A Goatherd Related To Those With Don Quixote
  16. 16 "About this time the father of our Chrysostom died, and he was left heir"

Disk 3 von 29

  1. 1 To proceed; you must know that though the uncle put before
  2. 2 Chapter 13 In Which Is Ended The Story Of The Shepherdess
  3. 3 By these words of his the travellers were able to satisfy themselves
  4. 4 "Nevertheless, said the traveller, if I remember rightly"
  5. 5 "They therefore made haste to reach the spot, and did so by the time"
  6. 6 Chapter 14 Wherein Are Inserted The Despairing Verses Of The Dead
  7. 7 The Lay of Chrysostom met with the approbation of the listener
  8. 8 Honour and virtue are the ornaments of the mind
  9. 9 "With these words, and not waiting to hear a reply, she turned"
  10. 10 Chapter 15 In Which Is Related The Unfortunate Adventure
  11. 11 "Sancho was the first to come to, and finding himself close to his"
  12. 12 "In what has now befallen us, answered Sancho, Id have been well"
  13. 13 "For all that let me tell thee, brother Panza, said Don Quixote"
  14. 14 Chapter 16 Of What Happened To The Ingenious Gentleman
  15. 15 To all this conversation Don Quixote was listening very attentively
  16. 16 "To proceed, then: after having paid a visit to his team and given them"

Disk 4 von 29

  1. 1 Maritornes was fretting and sweating at finding herself held so fast
  2. 2 Chapter 17 In Which Are Contained The Innumerable Troubles
  3. 3 By this time the Officer had succeeded in lighting the lamp
  4. 4 "Sancho Panza, who also regarded the amendment of his master"
  5. 5 "I have little to do with that, replied the innkeeper; pay me"
  6. 6 Chapter 18 In Which Is Related The Discourse Sancho Panza Held
  7. 7 "Don Quixote turned to look and found that it was true, and rejoicing"
  8. 8 And so he went on naming a number of knights of one squadron
  9. 9 "So saying, he dashed into the midst of the squadron of ewes"
  10. 10 "Don Quixote now rose, and putting his left hand to his mouth"
  11. 11 Chapter 19 Of The Shrewd Discourse Which Sancho Held
  12. 12 He took it into his head that the litter was a bier on which was borne
  13. 13 "I would have talked on till to-morrow, said Don Quixote"
  14. 14 Chapter 20 Of The Unexampled And Unheard-Of Adventure Which
  15. 15 When Sancho heard his masters words he began to weep in the most
  16. 16 What art thou talking about dismounting or sleeping for? said Don

Disk 5 von 29

  1. 1 "It came to pass, said Sancho, that the shepherd carried out his intention"
  2. 2 "Just then, whether it was the cold of the morning that was now"
  3. 3 Sancho began to weep afresh on again hearing the affecting
  4. 4 "No more of that, senor, returned Sancho; I own I went a little too"
  5. 5 Chapter 21 Which Treats Of The Exalted Adventure
  6. 6 "He left the basin on the ground, with which Don Quixote contented"
  7. 7 "I have never been in the habit, said Don Quixote, of taking spoil"
  8. 8 Straightway it will come to pass that she will fix her eyes upon
  9. 9 "Thou needst not doubt it, Sancho, replied Don Quixote, for in"
  10. 10 Chapter 22 Of The Freedom Don Quixote Conferred On Several
  11. 11 "And I think so too, answered Don Quixote; then passing on"
  12. 12 "Behind all these there came a man of thirty, a very personable fellow"
  13. 13 The commissary lifted his staff to strike Pasamonte in return
  14. 14 "That is all very well, said Don Quixote, but I know"
  15. 15 Chapter 23 Of What Befell Don Quixote In The Sierra Morena
  16. 16 While so engaged he raised his eyes and saw that his master had halted.

Disk 6 von 29

  1. 1 The Knight of the Rueful Countenance was still very anxious to find
  2. 2 "Tell me, good man, said Don Quixote, do you know"
  3. 3 We forced him to release his hold with no little difficulty
  4. 4 Chapter 24 In Which Is Continued The Adventure Of The Sierra Morena.
  5. 5 "My name is Cardenio, my birthplace one of the best cities of this"
  6. 6 "It so happened, then, that as between friends no secret"
  7. 7 "It so happened, then, that Lusinda having begged of me a book"
  8. 8 Chapter 25 Which Treats Of The Strange Things That Happened
  9. 9 "Senor, replied Sancho, is it a good rule of chivalry"
  10. 10 "There is the point, replied Don Quixote, and that is the beauty of"
  11. 11 "This is the place, oh, ye heavens, that I select and choose"
  12. 12 "Purgatory dost thou call it, Sancho? said Don Quixote"
  13. 13 "But all things considered, what good can it do the lady"
  14. 14 "By the life of my father, said Sancho, when he heard the letter"
  15. 15 Chapter 26 In Which Are Continued The Refinements Wherewith
  16. 16 And then it occurred to him how he might make one

Disk 7 von 29

  1. 1 "As for Sancho Panza, coming out upon the high road"
  2. 2 "It gave them no little amusement, both of them, to see what a good"
  3. 3 Chapter 27 Of How The Curate And The Barber Proceeded
  4. 4 And still more surprised were they when they perceived that
  5. 5 "As they, both of them, desired nothing more than to hear"
  6. 6 But the night before the unhappy day of my departure she wept
  7. 7 "To proceed: as soon as Lusinda saw me she said, Cardenio, I am"
  8. 8 "The priest stood waiting for Lusinda, who for"
  9. 9 "Thus soliloquising and agitated, I journeyed onward for"
  10. 10 Part Four Chapter 28 Which Treats Of The Strange And Delightful
  11. 11 "While the curate was speaking, the disguised damsel stood as if"
  12. 12 The moment the speaker mentioned the name of Don Fernando
  13. 13 "When Cardenio heard her say she was called Dorothea, he showed"
  14. 14 All these questions and answers passed through my mind

Disk 8 von 29

  1. 1 "Cardenio heard the name of Lusinda, but he only shrugged"
  2. 2 "What I learned revived my hopes, and I was better pleased not to"
  3. 3 Chapter 29 Which Treats Of The Droll Device And Method
  4. 4 "Cardenio and Dorothea thanked him, and accepted the kind offer"
  5. 5 By this time Dorothea had seated herself upon the curates mule
  6. 6 "Don Quixote then mounted Rocinante, and the barber settled himself"
  7. 7 "The curate, seeing the danger of discovery that threatened"
  8. 8 Chapter 30 Which Treats Of Address Displayed By The Fair Dorothea
  9. 9 """Don Quixote,"" he must have said, senora, observed Sancho"
  10. 10 The last words of his master about not wanting to marry
  11. 11 "Let your worship ask what you will, answered Sancho"
  12. 12 Chapter 31 Of The Delectable Discussion Between Don Quixote
  13. 13 "She is generous in the extreme, said Don Quixote"
  14. 14 "I hold thou art in the right of it, Sancho, said Don Quixote"
  15. 15 "All that your worship has said is quite true, answered the lad"

Disk 9 von 29

  1. 1 Chapter 32 Which Treats Of What Befell Don Quixotes Party
  2. 2 "Hush, child, said the landlady; it seems to me thou knowest"
  3. 3 "Try that bone on another dog, said the landlord"
  4. 4 Chapter 33 In Which Is Related The Novel Of The Ill-Advised
  5. 5 "It happened, however, that on one occasion when the two"
  6. 6 Such were the words Anselmo addressed to Lothario
  7. 7 "Either thou dost not hold her to be what thou sayest, or thou"
  8. 8 Remember there is no jewel in the world so precious as a chaste
  9. 9 When God created our first parent in the earthly paradise
  10. 10 "That night, however, he thought of a plan by which he might deceive"
  11. 11 "Unhappy, shortsighted Anselmo, what art thou doing, what art thou"
  12. 12 Chapter 34 In Which Is Continued The Novel Of The Ill-Advised
  13. 13 Anselmo was completely satisfied by the words of Lothario
  14. 14 It so happened that finding herself on one occasion alone
  15. 15 All that Camilla could do was to entreat Leonela to say nothing

Disk 10 von 29

  1. 1 "Anselmo was amazed, overwhelmed, and astounded at the words"
  2. 2 "Ah, senora, said the crafty Leonela, who knew her part"
  3. 3 "Anselmo, hidden behind some tapestries where he had concealed"
  4. 4 "As she uttered these words, with incredible energy and swiftness"
  5. 5 Camilla replied that she believed she was right and that she
  6. 6 Chapter 35 Which Treats Of The Heroic And Prodigious Battle
  7. 7 Who could have helped laughing at the absurdities of the pair
  8. 8 There is no need of saying whether Camilla was agitated or not
  9. 9 This disastrous intelligence almost robbed Anselmo not only of
  10. 10 Chapter 36 Which Treats Of More Curious Incidents That Occurred
  11. 11 "The instant she recognised him, with a prolonged plaintive cry"
  12. 12 All this and more the injured Dorothea delivered with such earnest
  13. 13 And the curate bade him remember that only death could part
  14. 14 Chapter 37 In Which Is Continued The Story Of The Famous Prince
  15. 15 "I am informed, fair lady, by my squire here that your greatness"
  16. 16 "I tell thee again, Sancho, thou art a fool, said Don Quixote"

Disk 11 von 29

  1. 1 "By these words he excited a desire in all who heard him, to know"
  2. 2 "Since, therefore, arms have need of the mind, as much as letters"
  3. 3 Chapter 38 Which Treats Of The Curious Discourse Don Quixote
  4. 4 For what dread of want or poverty that can reach or harass
  5. 5 Chapter 39 Wherein The Captive Relates His Life And Adventures.
  6. 6 It is now some twenty-two years since I left my fathers house
  7. 7 "We returned to Constantinople, and the following year"
  8. 8 Chapter 40 In Which The Story Of The Captive Is Continued.
  9. 9 "I, however, was one of those on ransom, for when it was discovered"
  10. 10 "We made trial as before, each of the same three going forward"
  11. 11 "Judge, sirs, whether we had reason for surprise and joy"
  12. 12 "These were the words and contents of the second paper, and on"
  13. 13 Chapter 41 In Which The Captive Still Continues His Adventures.
  14. 14 It would be beyond my power now to describe to you the great
  15. 15 "While we were still engaged in this conversation, a Moor came"

Disk 12 von 29

  1. 1 The Christians who were to row were ready and in hiding
  2. 2 "Finding herself now on board, and that we were about to give way"
  3. 3 "Daughter, is this true, what he says? cried the Moor. It is"
  4. 4 But neither could her father hear her nor we see him when she said
  5. 5 "The dawn came, more slowly, I think, than we could have wished"
  6. 6 As soon as the horsemen understood that we were Christian captives
  7. 7 Chapter 42 Which Treats Of What Further Took Place In The Inn
  8. 8 "Leave it to me to find out that, said the curate; though there is no"
  9. 9 All this and more the Judge uttered with such deep emotion
  10. 10 Chapter 43 Wherein Is Related The Pleasant Story Of The Muleteer
  11. 11 Meanwhile the time for my fathers departure arrived
  12. 12 Don Quixote had got so far in his pathetic speech when the landladys
  13. 13 "He was, as has been said, standing on Rocinante, with his arm"
  14. 14 Chapter 44 In Which Are Continued The Unheard-Of Adventures
  15. 15 "Dorothea at this instant came out of her room, followed by Dona"

Disk 13 von 29

  1. 1 "Thus matters stood at the inn-gate, where there was a very lively"
  2. 2 "Sancho, finding himself so unexpectedly assailed, and hearing"
  3. 3 Chapter 45 In Which The Doubtful Question Of Mambrinos Helmet
  4. 4 To those who were in the secret of Don Quixotes humour all this
  5. 5 "All paused at his mighty voice, and he went on to say"
  6. 6 "As soon as he had satisfied himself, folding up the parchment"
  7. 7 Chapter 46 Of The End Of The Notable Adventure Of The Officers
  8. 8 "On, then, in Gods name, said Don Quixote; for, when a lady"
  9. 9 They were all eager to know what the affair of the blanket was
  10. 10 Chapter 47 Of The Strange Manner In Which Don Quixote
  11. 11 While this was passing between the ladies of the castle and Don
  12. 12 When the canon heard both the prisoner and the man who was
  13. 13 "What mind, that is not wholly barbarous and uncultured, can find"
  14. 14 Chapter 48 In Which The Canon Pursues The Subject Of The Books.
  15. 15 "You have touched upon a subject, senor canon, observed the curate"
  16. 16 "Others write plays with such heedlessness that, after they have been"

Disk 14 von 29

  1. 1 "May Our Lady be good to me! said Sancho, lifting up his voice"
  2. 2 Chapter 49 Which Treats Of The Shrewd Conversation
  3. 3 "The canon gazed at him, wondering at the extraordinary nature"
  4. 4 "Well then, returned Don Quixote, to my mind it is you who are"
  5. 5 Chapter 50 Of The Shrewd Controversy Which Don Quixote
  6. 6 "But I will not expatiate any further upon this, as it may be gathered"
  7. 7 "By this time the canons servants, who had gone to the inn to fetch"
  8. 8 Chapter 51 Which Deals With What The Goatherd Told Those Who
  9. 9 "This soldier, then, that I have described, this Vicente de la Rocca"
  10. 10 Chapter 52 Of The Quarrel That Don Quixote Had
  11. 11 The fact was that the clouds had that year withheld their moisture
  12. 12 "At the cries and moans of Sancho, Don Quixote came to himself"
  13. 13 While this conversation passed between Sancho Panzo and his wife
  14. 14 "paniaguado, Academician Of Argamasilla"

Disk 15 von 29

  1. 1 Volume 2 Part 1 Chapter 1 Of The Interview The Curate
  2. 2 "I am not versed in stories, said Don Quixote; but I know the oath"
  3. 3 Approaching a cage in which there was a furious madman
  4. 4 "But now sloth triumphs over energy, indolence over exertion"
  5. 5 "How big, in your worships opinion, may the giant Morgante"
  6. 6 Chapter 2 Which Treats Of The Notable Altercation Which Sancho
  7. 7 "In short, Sancho, I would have thee tell me all that has come to thine"
  8. 8 Chapter 3 Of The Laughable Conversation That Passed Between
  9. 9 "The sage has left nothing in the ink-bottle, replied Samson"
  10. 10 "Then, I say, said Don Quixote, the author of my history was no"
  11. 11 Chapter 4 In Which Sancho Panza Gives A Satisfactory Reply
  12. 12 Sancho had hardly uttered these words when the neighing of
  13. 13 Chapter 5 Of The Shrewd And Droll Conversation That Passed
  14. 14 "Why, you idiot and wife for Barabbas, said Sancho, what do"
  15. 15 "Do you know why, husband? replied Teresa; because"

Disk 16 von 29

  1. 1 Chapter 6 Of What Took Place Between Don Quixote And His Niece
  2. 2 "By the God that gives me life, said Don Quixote, if thou wert not"
  3. 3 "Of plebeian lineages I have nothing to say, save that they"
  4. 4 Chapter 7 Of What Passed Between Don Quixote And His Squire
  5. 5 "All that is very true, said Don Quixote; but I cannot make out"
  6. 6 "At this, Don Quixote, turning to Sancho, said, Did I not tell thee"
  7. 7 Chapter 8 Wherein Is Related What Befell Don Quixote
  8. 8 "So I say too, replied Sancho; and I suspect in that legend or history"
  9. 9 "All that your worship has said so far, said Sancho"
  10. 10 Chapter 9 Wherein Is Related What Will Be Seen There.
  11. 11 "Thou wilt drive me to desperation, Sancho, said Don Quixote."
  12. 12 Chapter 10 Wherein Is Related The Crafty Device Sancho
  13. 13 "Such was the soliloquy Sancho held with himself, and all the"
  14. 14 "By this time they had cleared the wood, and saw the three village"
  15. 15 "The pack-saddle being secured, as Don Quixote was about to lift up"
  16. 16 Chapter 11 Of The Strange Adventure Which The Valiant Don

Disk 17 von 29

  1. 1 "Don Quixote was about to reply to Sancho Panza, but he was"
  2. 2 "Then I will recover him, said Don Quixote, even if he be shut up"
  3. 3 Chapter 12 Of The Strange Adventure Which Befell
  4. 4 Sancho at last fell asleep at the foot of a cork tree
  5. 5 "Not so, said Don Quixote at this, for I am of La Mancha"
  6. 6 Chapter 13 In Which Is Continued The Adventure Of The Knight
  7. 7 "I do disown them, replied Sancho, and in this way"
  8. 8 "Sancho ate without requiring to be pressed, and in the dark bolted"
  9. 9 Chapter 14 Wherein Is Continued The Adventure Of The Knight
  10. 10 "Calm yourself, sir knight, said Don Quixote, and give ear"
  11. 11 "I can remedy that entirely, said he of the Grove, and in this way."
  12. 12 "With this, cutting short the colloquy, they mounted, and Don"
  13. 13 "Sancho came up, and when he saw the countenance"
  14. 14 Chapter 15 Wherein It Is Told And Known Who The Knight
  15. 15 Chapter 16 Of What Befell Don Quixote With A Discreet Gentleman
  16. 16 Don Quixote saw very plainly the attention with which the traveler

Disk 18 von 29

  1. 1 Sancho listened with the greatest attention to the account
  2. 2 "And do not suppose, senor, that I apply the term vulgar"
  3. 3 Chapter 17 Wherein Is Shown The Furthest
  4. 4 "So, so, said the gentleman to himself at this; our worthy knight"
  5. 5 "It is to be observed, that on coming to this passage, the author"
  6. 6 "Then, said Don Quixote, if his Majesty should happen to ask"
  7. 7 Part 2: Chapter 18 Of What Happened To Don Quixote
  8. 8 "So far, said Don Lorenzo to himself, I should not take you"
  9. 9 "A discerning friend of mine, said Don Quixote, was of opinion that"
  10. 10 "sonnet The Lovely Maid, She Pierces Now The Wall; Heart Pierced"
  11. 11 Chapter 19 In Which Is Related The Adventure
  12. 12 "If all those who love one another were to marry, said Don Quixote"
  13. 13 "Look here, bachelor Corchuelo, returned the student, you have"
  14. 14 Chapter 20 Wherein An Account Is Given Of The Wedding Of Camach.
  15. 15 Countless were the hares ready skinned and the plucked fowls

Disk 19 von 29

  1. 1 Following these there came an artistic dance
  2. 2 Don Quixote asked one of the nymphs who it was
  3. 3 Chapter 21 In Which Camachs Wedding Is Continued
  4. 4 "Basilio, however, reviving slightly, said in a weak voice"
  5. 5 "For one so badly wounded, observed Sancho at this point"
  6. 6 Chapter 22 Wherein Is Related The Grand Adventure Of The Cave
  7. 7 "The cousin arrived at last, leading an ass in foal, with a packsaddle"
  8. 8 "On coming within sight of it the cousin, Sancho, and Don Quixote"
  9. 9 Chapter 23 Of The Wonderful Things The Incomparable
  10. 10 His right hand (which seemed to me somewhat hairy and sinewy)
  11. 11 And now there was heard a great outcry and lamentation
  12. 12 "I believe, replied Sancho, that this Merlin, or those enchanters"
  13. 13 Chapter 24 Wherein Are Related A Thousand Trifling Matters
  14. 14 "Leaving the hermitage, they pushed on towards the inn, and a little"

Disk 20 von 29

  1. 1 Chapter 25 Wherein Is Set Down The Braying Adventure
  2. 2 So they returned disconsolate and hoarse to their village
  3. 3 "Master Pedro now came back, and in a cart followed the show"
  4. 4 "Thou dost not understand me, Sancho, said Don Quixote; I only"
  5. 5 Chapter 26 Wherein Is Continued The Droll Adventure
  6. 6 "If you, sir knight, to France are bound, Oh! For Gaiferos ask"
  7. 7 The complete destruction of the show being thus accomplished
  8. 8 "The landlord and Sancho consented, and then Master Pedro"
  9. 9 Chapter 27 Wherein It Is Shown Who Master Pedro And His Ape
  10. 10 From this device Don Quixote concluded that these people must be
  11. 11 It would be a nice business indeed if all these illustrious cities
  12. 12 Chapter 28 Of Matters That Benengeli Says He Who Reads Them
  13. 13 "When I worked for Tom Carrasco, the father of the bachelor"
  14. 14 Chapter 29 Of The Famous Adventure Of The Enchanted Bark.
  15. 15 "Now they are tied, said Sancho; what are we to do next?"
  16. 16 They now came in sight of some large water mills that stood
  17. 17 Chapter 30 Of Don Quixotes Adventure With A Fair Huntress.

Disk 21 von 29

  1. 1 Sancho returned to his master mightily pleased with this gratifying
  2. 2 Chapter 31 Which Treats Of Many And Great Matters.
  3. 3 "While this conversation, amusing to all except Don Quixote"
  4. 4 "It would be well, said Don Quixote, if your highnesses would"
  5. 5 Chapter 32 Of The Reply Don Quixote Gave His Censurer
  6. 6 "When he had done laughing, he said to Don Quixote"
  7. 7 At length the damsel with the jug returned and they made an end
  8. 8 "There is no denying it, said the duchess; but still, if we are"
  9. 9 "And as a proof of all this, I must tell your highnesses"
  10. 10 The duchess was ready to die with laughter when she saw Sanchos
  11. 11 Part 3: Chapter 33 Of The Delectable Discourse Which The Duchess
  12. 12 To be sure they dont lie! exclaimed Dona Rodriguez
  13. 13 "Sancho upon this related to her, word for word, what has been said"
  14. 14 Chapter 34 Which Relates How They Learned The Way In Which
  15. 15 "Quite the contrary, Sancho; you are wrong there, said the duke"

Disk 22 von 29

  1. 1 "Night now closed in more completely, and many lights began to flit"
  2. 2 Chapter 35 Wherein Is Continued The Instruction Given
  3. 3 As soon as Sancho had done speaking the nymph in silver
  4. 4 "Senor, said Sancho, wont two days grace be given me"
  5. 5 Chapter 36 Wherein Is Related The Strange And Undreamt Of
  6. 6 When she had done reading the letter the duchess said to Sancho
  7. 7 "Most high and mighty senor, my name is Trifaldin of the White Beard."
  8. 8 Chapter 37 Wherein Is Continued The Notable Adventure
  9. 9 Chapter 38 Wherein Is Told The Distressed Duennas Tale
  10. 10 "On hearing this, the Distressed Duenna made as though"
  11. 11 From that sweet enemy of mine My bleeding heart hath
  12. 12 Chapter 39 In Which The Trifaldi Continues
  13. 13 Chapter 40 Of Matters Relating And Belonging To This Adventure
  14. 14 "For going smoothly and easily, said Sancho at this, give me"
  15. 15 "In the kings name! exclaimed Sancho, what have squires got"
  16. 16 Chapter 41 Of The Arrival Of Clavileno And The End
  17. 17 Since the memorable adventure of the fulling mills

Disk 23 von 29

  1. 1 "They were then blindfolded, and Don Quixote, finding himself"
  2. 2 As soon as Don Quixote had read the inscription on the parchment
  3. 3 Chapter 42 Of The Counsels Which Don Quixote Gave Sancho
  4. 4 "First of all, my son, thou must fear God, for in the fear of him"
  5. 5 Chapter 43 Of The Second Set Of Counsels Don Quixote
  6. 6 "God alone can cure that, said Sancho; for I have more proverbs"
  7. 7 "Oh, Gods curse upon thee, Sancho! here exclaimed Don Quixote"
  8. 8 Chapter 44 How Sancho Panza Was Conducted
  9. 9 "Let worthy Sancho go in peace, and good luck to him, Gentle Reader"
  10. 10 "Here Cide Hamete exclaimed as he was writing, O poverty, poverty"
  11. 11 "So having tuned the harp, Altisidora, running her hand across"
  12. 12 Chapter 45 Of How The Great Sancho Panza Took
  13. 13 "The debtor took his stick again, and bowing his head left"
  14. 14 As soon as she was gone Sancho said to the cattle dealer
  15. 15 Chapter 46 Of The Terrible Bell And Cat Fright That Don Quixote
  16. 16 "Don Quixote had got so far with his song, to which the duke"

Disk 24 von 29

  1. 1 Chapter 47 Wherein Is Continued The Account Of How Sancho
  2. 2 The doctor was dismayed when he saw the governor in such
  3. 3 "The case is this, senor, continued the farmer, that by Gods Mercy"
  4. 4 Chapter 48 Of What Befell Don Quixote With Dona Rodriguez
  5. 5 "I carry nobodys messages, senor, said the duenna; little you"
  6. 6 "The fact is, then, Senor Don Quixote, that though you see me seated"
  7. 7 "To come to the point, the son of a very rich farmer, living"
  8. 8 Chapter 49 Of What Happened To Sancho In Making The Round
  9. 9 "Night came, and with the permission of Doctor Pedro Recio"
  10. 10 "By God, said the young man, your worship will make me sleep"
  11. 11 On seeing this the secretary leant over to the head-carvers ear
  12. 12 "So then, senora, said Sancho, no other mishap has befallen you"
  13. 13 Chapter 50 Wherein Is Set Forth Who The Enchanters
  14. 14 "Teresa stood lost in astonishment, and her daughter just as much"
  15. 15 "God help us, said the curate, we dont understand you, Teresa"
  16. 16 "And why not, mother! said Sanchica; would to God it were today"

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  1. 1 "chapter 51 Of The Progress Of Sanchos Government, And Other"
  2. 2 "That is true, said the major-domo; and I maintain that Lycurgus"
  3. 3 "Sancho listened to the letter with great attention, and it was praised"
  4. 4 Chapter 52 Wherein Is Related The Adventure Of The Second
  5. 5 And then plucking off a glove he threw it down in the middle of
  6. 6 "All were greatly amused by Teresa Panzas letter, but particularly"
  7. 7 Part 4: Chapter 53 Of The Troublous End And Termination Sancho
  8. 8 Urged by these exhortations and reproaches the poor governor
  9. 9 "Then having Dapple saddled, he, with great pain and difficulty"
  10. 10 Chapter 54 Which Deals With Matters Relating To This History
  11. 11 "Sancho beheld all, and nothing gave him pain; so far from that"
  12. 12 "To this Sancho replied, Remember, Ricote, that may not"
  13. 13 Chapter 55 Of What Befell Sancho On The Road
  14. 14 "Here Cide Hamete leaves him, and returns to Don Quixote"
  15. 15 "Don Quixote left him, and hastened to the castle to tell the duke"

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  1. 1 Chapter 56 Of The Prodigious And Unparalleled Battle That Took
  2. 2 The marshal of the field was lost in astonishment at the words of
  3. 3 Chapter 57 Which Treats Of How Don Quixote Took Leave
  4. 4 All the while the unhappy Altisidora was bewailing herself
  5. 5 Chapter 58 Which Tells How Adventures Came Crowding
  6. 6 Sancho was amazed afresh at the extent of his masters knowledge
  7. 7 While engaged in this discourse they were making their way through
  8. 8 At this instant there came up to a spot where the four stood
  9. 9 "Don Quixote, then, having, as has been said, planted himself"
  10. 10 Chapter 59 Wherein Is Related The Strange Thing
  11. 11 "They woke up rather late, mounted once more and resumed"
  12. 12 "On hearing this Don Quixote, full of wrath and indignation"
  13. 13 Exceedingly great was the amusement the two gentlemen derived
  14. 14 Chapter 60 Of What Happened To Don Quixote On His Way
  15. 15 And now day dawned; and if the dead freebooters had scared them
  16. 16 "Roque, filled with admiration at the gallant bearing, high spirit"

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  1. 1 Roque Guinart found his squires at the place to which
  2. 2 Roque asked the pilgrims the same questions he had put
  3. 3 Chapter 61 Of What Happened To Don Quixote On Entering
  4. 4 Chapter 62 Which Deals With The Adventure Of The Enchanted Head.
  5. 5 Don Quixote was amazed at the virtue and property of the head
  6. 6 The next day Don Antonio thought he might as well make trial
  7. 7 "The questions and answers came to an end here, but not the wonder"
  8. 8 "I, said Don Quixote, have some little smattering of Italian"
  9. 9 Chapter 63 Of The Mishap That Befell Sancho Panza Through
  10. 10 On hearing this the admiral sprang upon the gangway crying
  11. 11 What heart could be so hard as not to be softened by these words
  12. 12 The king then arranged that I should return to Spain

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  1. 1 Chapter 64 Treating Of The Adventure Which Gave Don Quixote
  2. 2 The Knight of the White Moon had been seen from the city
  3. 3 Chapter 65 Wherein Is Made Known Who The Knight Of The White
  4. 4 Don Quixote cheered up a little and said Of a truth I am almost
  5. 5 Chapter 66 Which Treats Of What He Who Reads Will See
  6. 6 With this permission Sancho said to the peasants who stood clustered
  7. 7 Chapter 67 Of The Resolution Don Quixote Formed To Turn Shepherd.
  8. 8 "I dont mean to give her any but Teresona, said Sancho"
  9. 9 Chapter 68 Of The Bristly Adventure That Befell Don Quixote.
  10. 10 "I suppose it is the chastisement of heaven, too, said Sancho"
  11. 11 Chapter 69 Of The Strangest And Most Extraordinary Adventure
  12. 12 On hearing this Sancho broke silence and cried out

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  1. 1 Chapter 70 Which Follows Sixty-Nine And Deals With Matters
  2. 2 Thereupon the duke seized the opportunity of practising
  3. 3 "A vision it must have been, no doubt, said Don Quixote, for there"
  4. 4 Chapter 71 Of What Passed Between Don Quixote And His Squire
  5. 5 "Night, longed for by Don Quixote with the greatest anxiety in the"
  6. 6 "Don Quixote obeyed, and stripping himself covered Sancho who"
  7. 7 Chapter 72 Of How Don Quixote And Sancho Reached Their Village.
  8. 8 "That I will do most willingly, replied Don Alvaro; though it amazes"
  9. 9 Chapter 73 Of The Omens Don Quixote Had As He Entered
  10. 10 "Don Quixote at once, without any regard to time or season"
  11. 11 "chapter 74 Of How Don Quixote Fell Sick, And Of The Will He Made."
  12. 12 "They looked at one another, wondering at Don Quixotes words"
  13. 13 "With this he closed his will, and a faintness coming over him"