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One of the most significant books ever written by a head of State, the Meditations are a collection of philosophical thoughts by the Emperor Marcus Aurelius (121-180 ce). Covering issues such as duty, forgiveness, brotherhood, strength in adversity and the best way to approach life and death, the Meditations have inspired thinkers, poets and politicians since their first publication more than 500 years ago. Today, the book stands as one of the great guides and companions-a cornerstone of Western thought.


One of the great works of ancient philosophy, Meditations is particularly interesting as these writings were penned as private thoughts and not intended for public view. The stoic code, by which the great Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius lived, is here fully articulated through precious fragments of ideas, interspersed with more developed passages. These fascinating personal writings reveal the journey of self-improvement that Marcus Aurelius embarked upon, and the integral role that stoic philosophy played in steeling him for the trials of ruling an empire and mounting military campaigns. This is a truly inspiring and thought-provoking work of philosophy.

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