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Set in the depth of rural France, Flaubert's
masterpiece tells the story of a woman
destroyed by love. In the context of provinicial
banality, Emma Bovary craves passion and
intimacy, yet she finds only greed, betrayal and
heartbreak. As one doomed love affair leads to
another, we watch her stumble towards the
terrible fate that awaits her.
Sprecher: Imogen Stubbs (280 Min.)


One of the great novels of nineteenth-century France, Flaubert draws a deeply-felt but sympathetic portrait of a woman who, having warned a country doctor and found herself unhappy with a rural, genteel existence, longs for love and excitement. Her aspirations and her desires lead her into a tragic spiral downwards.


The story of a woman who, after marriage, found herself unhappy with rural, genteel existence, longs for love and excitement. Her aspirations and desires lead her in a tragic downward spiral.
  • Tracklisting
  1. 1 New Boy at School
  2. 2 Broken Leg at a Farm at Les Bertaux
  3. 3 Return to the Farm: The Daughter of Père Rouault
  4. 4 M. and Mme Bovary Arrive at Tostes
  5. 5 Childhood of Emma Bovary
  6. 6 Unemotional Marriage
  7. 7 Party at the Home of the Marquis d'Andervilliers
  8. 8 Emma Learns to Waltz
  9. 9 Mediocrity of Daily Life
  10. 10 Yonville l'Abbaye
  11. 11 Emma Got Out First...

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