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Weitere Ausgaben von Lorna Doone


The Doones are a clan of murdering thieves, and among their victims is John Ridd's father. The strong, noble Ridd determines to avenge his father's death; but his plans are complicated when he falls in love with one of the hated family-the beautiful Lorna. Lorna is promised against her will to another; and that other will not let her go lightly. Set amid the political turmoils of the late 17th century, Lorna Doone brings West Country history and legends alive with wonderfully imaginative fiction. Brimming with vivid descriptions and cliff-hanging action, it is a true classic of romantic adventure.


This tale of romance and revenge is atmospherically situated in the brooding and evocative setting of Exmoor. Blackmore transports us back to the 17th century where the infamous Doone clan preside over the region, imposing their whims and callously removing anyone who stands in their way. They are loathed throughout the area, but it is the upstanding and worthy John Ridd who holds the ultimate grudge. The situation escalates when Ridd first catches sight of Doone heiress Lorna. He is powerless to prevent himself from falling in love and an almighty clash of wills ensues.
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Disk 1 von 4

  1. 1 Lorna Doone. A Romance of Exmoor
  2. 2 Now, up to the end of Dulverton town?
  3. 3 Now, before I got home?
  4. 4 About the rest of all that winter?
  5. 5 When I had travelled two miles or so?
  6. 6 When I came to myself again?
  7. 7 How the year went by I know not?
  8. 8 Tom Faggus was a jovial soul?
  9. 9 Mr. Reuben Huckaback, whom many good folk?
  10. 10 When we arrived at Ley Manor?
  11. 11 But for all that, Uncle Reuben was none the worse?
  12. 12 That week I could do little more than dream?
  13. 13 Inside the niche of native stone?
  14. 14 'By your face, Master Ridd, I see that you have heard?'
  15. 15 First, I am thy uncle's son?

Disk 2 von 4

  1. 1 The next afternoon, when work was over?
  2. 2 By dinner-time we arrived at Porlock?
  3. 3 In Westminster Hall I found nobody?
  4. 4 In the morning I stood, face to face?
  5. 5 But how shall I tell you the things I felt?
  6. 6 After long or short - I know not?
  7. 7 Although I was under interdict for two months?
  8. 8 Now this was so exactly what I had tried to do?
  9. 9 We knew for certain that at Taunton?
  10. 10 However I do not mean to say?
  11. 11 Of course I was up the very next morning?
  12. 12 After this, for another month?
  13. 13 I knew that the Captain's house was first?
  14. 14 I hear the old nurse moving.
  15. 15 When I went up one morning?
  16. 16 'And know you of your own low descent??'
  17. 17 Hence it came to pass?
  18. 18 After all was over, I strode across the moors very sadly?

Disk 3 von 4

  1. 1 It must have snowed most wonderfully?
  2. 2 But presently I knew the cause?
  3. 3 At the door were all our people.
  4. 4 As for Lorna, she would come out.
  5. 5 Now when the young maidens were gone?
  6. 6 We said no more about the necklace?
  7. 7 Knowing how fiercely the floods were out?
  8. 8 The robbers rode into our yard?
  9. 9 As I came in, soon after dark?
  10. 10 'Young people of the present age,' said the Counsellor?
  11. 11 'Oh, that old thing!' said the gentleman?
  12. 12 'You know, my son,' said Jeremy Stickles?
  13. 13 'However, at first all things went well.'
  14. 14 For a time Master Stickles's authority?
  15. 15 I set forth one day for Watchett?
  16. 16 Now I have not judged it in any way needful?
  17. 17 'The Lady Lorna Dugal,' said Lizzie?

Disk 4 von 4

  1. 1 This season, the reaping of the corn?
  2. 2 Right early in the morning, I was off?
  3. 3 Fog (like a chestnut-tree in blossom?)
  4. 4 That faithful creature, whom I began to admire?
  5. 5 Now Kickums was not like Winnie?
  6. 6 When I came to Earl Brandir's house?
  7. 7 After this, we spoke of ourselves?
  8. 8 The good Earl Brandir was a man of the noblest charity.
  9. 9 The magistrate made me many compliments?
  10. 10 Without any further hesitation; I agreed?
  11. 11 We waited a very long time.
  12. 12 From that great confusion we returned?
  13. 13 'Will you applaud me, kind sir,' I said?
  14. 14 Lorna's dress was of pure white?
  15. 15 A gnarled and half-starved oak?
  16. 16 When we came to the stable door?
  17. 17 Presently, a little knock sounded?
  18. 18 Following her, to the very utmost of my mind?

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