• NAXOS AUDIO BOOKS, 04/2009
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  • Maße: 145 x 124 mm
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  • Erscheinungstermin: 15.4.2009

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Was Arthur Conan Doyle really like his most famous fictional character, the rational Sherlock Holmes? Why then, irrationally, did he become a fervent follower of Spiritualism? Did he really believe in the existence of fairies or was he mad? This intriguing compilation offers a portrait of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in fact and fiction. There are extracts from his spiritualist writings, as well as a complete Sherlock Holmes short story The Adventure of the Speckled Band and extracts from the rarely read short story Danger! There are excerpts too from other popular works, The Lost World and Brigadier Gerard and the largely forgotten The White Company. All these combine to give us an insight into this complex character.


The rich life Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is featured here: his work as a doctor, his novels and journalistic writings, his support of Spiritualism and his defense of fairies. This is a unique set for the 150th anniversary of his birth. After his early years in medicine, the writing talents of Arthur Conan Doyle took over. Sherlock Holmes and Professor Challenger were among his successes. David Timson, an actor and director who has read the complete Sherlock Holmes collection for Naxos AudioBooks, has compiled this commemorative collection showing the range of Conan Doyle's life and work. It includes the 2CD biography by Hesketh Pearson, The Speckled Band, an excerpt from The Lost World and his defense of the Cottingley Fairies.

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