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Weitere Ausgaben von The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard


With a horse between his thighs and a weapon in his grip, the dashing Brigadier Etienne Gerard, Colonel of the Hussars of Conflans, gallops through the Napoleonic campaigns on secret missions for his beloved Emperor and his country. He encounters danger and hair-breadth escapes but never loses his bravado, his eye for a pretty girl, his boastfulness or his enormous vanity. Gerard is Conan Doyle's most lovable character. At times hilarious, at times touching, these stories are amongst Conan Doyle's most popular.


The hero of The Exploits of Brigadier Gerard is one of his most ingenious inventions, brought to life, here, with wicked humour by Rupert Degas.


Arthur Conan Doyle wurde 1859 im schottischen Edinburgh geboren. Seine Eltern waren beide strenge Katholiken, daher war es nicht verwunderlich, daß ihr Sohn eine Jesuitenschule besuchen mußte. Später studierte Doyle in Edinburgh Medizin und heiratete 1884 Louise Hawkins. Bis 1891 arbeitete er als Arzt in Hampshire. Danach widmete er sich ausschließlich dem Schreiben.§Während des Südafrikanischen Krieges (1899 bis 1902) diente er als Arzt in einem Feldlazarett. Im Jahr 1902 wurde er zum Ritter geschlagen. Nach dem Tod seines Sohnes, der den Folge einer Kriegsverletzung erlag, beschäftigte er sich mit okkultistischen Studien. Arthur Conan Doyle starb am 7. Juli 1930 in seinem Haus in Windlesham, Sussex.§1887 schuf er den wohl berühmtesten Detektiv der Weltliteratur: Sherlock Holmes, den Meister des rationell-analytischen Denkens. Die Figur Holmes überschattete Doyles literarisches Schaffen derart, dass der Autor seinen Protagonisten sterben ließ - und ihn knapp zehn Jahre später wiederauferstehen lassen musste: zu groß war die Popularität von Holmes und seinem Partner Dr. Watson.
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Disk 1 von 6

  1. 1 How the Brigadier Came to the Castle of Gloom
  2. 2 You must know, then, that in the February of 1807?
  3. 3 It was a bleak season to ride through the poorest?
  4. 4 For my own part I was endeavouring?
  5. 5 'I can explain it all in a few words,' said he.
  6. 6 The track which led to the Castle wound through?
  7. 7 'Well, my brave boys,' he hiccoughed.
  8. 8 For a moment we could not realize it.
  9. 9 There had been a low sound at our little window?
  10. 10 There was no time for us to pause.
  11. 11 It was only afterwards that I had time to think?
  12. 12 How the Brigadier Slew the Brothers of Ajaccio
  13. 13 And all the time our little man, with his pale face?
  14. 14 'This is Monsieur Etienne Gerard?'
  15. 15 'That will do. You can go,' said the Emperor?
  16. 16 'I have need of your services, Monsieur Gerard,' said he.

Disk 2 von 6

  1. 1 My faith, I was right glad to get out of the room.
  2. 2 The Emperor had told me not to think?
  3. 3 We walked for rather more than a mile?
  4. 4 Ah, how I blessed the wisdom which had caused?
  5. 5 I believe that, if he had stood in silence?
  6. 6 'Ah, Monsieur Gerard,' said he?
  7. 7 How the Brigadier Held the King
  8. 8 'Halloa, comrade!' said I, as he came up to me.
  9. 9 'Well, we had been rolling and creaking on our way?'
  10. 10 I cannot tell you how frantic their rage was?
  11. 11 As the injured man still supported upon the barrel?
  12. 12 'You sleek hound!' I cried.
  13. 13 It was not a very cheering sight for me?
  14. 14 'If you will have the kindness to loosen these cords,' I answered?
  15. 15 'Fight for your skin, froggy,' said he.
  16. 16 'In another mile we shall be up with the outposts,' said he.

Disk 3 von 6

  1. 1 The first game I won right off, though I must confess?
  2. 2 Three men were standing quite close to us?
  3. 3 How the King Held the Brigadier
  4. 4 We officers, however, lived in a separate wing?
  5. 5 There was a single window in our cell?
  6. 6 Then another very important matter was the choice?
  7. 7 But a minute passed and yet another, with no sound?
  8. 8 But very soon I found that there was no cottage there.
  9. 9 And now I set myself to the task of putting as broad?
  10. 10 My pockets were filled with bread which I had saved?
  11. 11 'Blow my dickey,' said he, 'give it a name, guv'nor!'
  12. 12 'My friends,' said I, sitting up on my bed?
  13. 13 It was good advice, I thought, and I ran to the door?
  14. 14 How the Brigadier Took the Field Against the Marshal Millefleurs
  15. 15 'For which it is high time he was hanged,' said I?
  16. 16 'There are English across the valley, Colonel,' he cried?
  17. 17 There are two things in this world that I am very slow to forget?

Disk 4 von 6

  1. 1 And so, instead of fighting, we wheeled our half squadrons?
  2. 2 We bore two days' rations in our haversacks?
  3. 3 'There is only one thing that I would ask,' said he.
  4. 4 It may have been about two o'clock in the morning?
  5. 5 So we were left together, this murderous renegade and I?
  6. 6 'Luck always comes to the aid of a fool,' he answered?
  7. 7 'We have thirty-seven English dragoons in our hands,' said he.
  8. 8 How the Brigadier Played for a Kingdom
  9. 9 It is interesting, but it is also fatiguing?
  10. 10 While these thoughts were passing through my head?
  11. 11 I had reined up the mare and was looking at him?
  12. 12 It was a mad ride, that ? a ride with a loose rein?
  13. 13 How she blossomed out in my presence, this woman?
  14. 14 But one thing was certain ? all this affair of the fracas?
  15. 15 'You brazen it admirably,' said I.

Disk 5 von 6

  1. 1 You would have been proud of me, my friends?
  2. 2 'By Heaven, Korner, this is rank mutiny,' cried the captain.
  3. 3 'But you took them, none the less.'
  4. 4 How the Brigadier Won His Medal
  5. 5 I am a rough soldier, but I have words and ideas.
  6. 6 When I heard that Blucher had been there for two days?
  7. 7 All this flashed on me as if by instinct, you understand.
  8. 8 Who should be at the head of the troop but old Bouvet?
  9. 9 Old Bouvet was waiting in the passage when I entered?
  10. 10 I have said that at the further end of the cellar?
  11. 11 'Should I then take the uniform off?'
  12. 12 One or two officers spoke to me with an air of authority?
  13. 13 Well, the road was clear, and about three o'clock?
  14. 14 'What the deuce are you doing here?' he shouted.

Disk 6 von 6

  1. 1 How the Brigadier Was Tempted by the Devil
  2. 2 He had a suite of rooms at the end of the gallery?
  3. 3 I was so moved by my own words and by the fine position?
  4. 4 'And yet it was in the cause of France,' returned the Emperor.
  5. 5 'In the first place, I will tell you what these papers are.'
  6. 6 'We are the three officers of the Emperor, madame,' said I?
  7. 7 'There they are!' cried Despienne?
  8. 8 But it was the papers - always the papers - of which I thought.
  9. 9 'Tut,' said the Emperor. 'We have got the poor pawn?'
  10. 10 'May we all die as gallantly,' said the Emperor, as he rose?
  11. 11 In this way the Emperor and I - even after years it sends a flush.

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