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  • Erscheinungstermin: 15.8.2010

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For the background to this historical novel, a tale of mystery, suspense and unsolved murder, Dickens chose the anti-Catholic Gordon Riots of 1780. Mayhem reigns in the streets of London, vividly described by Dickens, and the innocent Barnaby Rudge is drawn into the thick of it. Against the public disorder, Dickens tells of the private discord within families-with fathers and sons at loggerheads-and creates a wealth of colourful characters: the sinuously evil Lord Chester; the pretty and vivacious Dolly Varden; and the host and regulars at the Maypole Inn-a symbol of security in those uncertain and violent times.


Barnaby Rudge, one of only two historical novels by Dickens, deals with the 'Popery' riots of 1780. Sean Barrett is one of Britain's most popular readers. He recently produced a widely praised reading of Bleak House for the Naxos collection and he returns, now, to narrate another Dickens classic. The recording is part of the extensive Dickens collection offered in both abridged and unabridged form by Naxos AudioBooks.
  • Tracklisting
  1. 1 Preface
  2. 2 Chapter 1
  3. 3 There was another guest?
  4. 4 The heir apparent to the Maypole?
  5. 5 The landlord pausing here?
  6. 6 The man glanced at the parish?
  7. 7 At this point of the narrative?
  8. 8 Chapter 2
  9. 9 Whether the traveller was possessed?
  10. 10 Thus they regarded each other?
  11. 11 Chapter 3

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