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Weitere Ausgaben von Lady Chatterley's Lover



After training at RADA, Maxine Peake made her mark initially in TV comedy with two key roles in Dinner Ladies and Shameless. She demonstrated her virtuosity with other varied TV roles, including a memorably disturbing performance as the child murderer Myra Hindley, and roles in The Devil’s Whore and Little Dorrit.


Explicit descriptions of sex and 'unprintable' words meant that D. H. Lawrence's notorious novel could only be printed in Florence when it was published in 1928. Almost entitled Tenderness by the author, it tells the story of the physical relationship between the aristocratic protagonist Constance Chatterley and gamekeeper Oliver Mellors - which occurs right under the nose of her wheelchair-bound husband, Clifford. In exploring the class system of the early 20th century, the novel also touches upon the declining coal mining industry, its effect on the workers, and the politics which surrounded it. Yet possibly the most important theme in this intimate and moving novel is the individual's need for physical as well as intellectual satisfaction in order to feel a sense of completeness.
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Disk 1 von 4

  1. 1 Ours is essentially a tragic age?
  2. 2 In 1916 Herbert Chatterley was killed?
  3. 3 Connie and Clifford had now been nearly two years at Wragby?
  4. 4 Breakfast was served in the bedrooms?
  5. 5 'I don't think I can stand that young man?'
  6. 6 Clifford was making strides into fame, and even money.
  7. 7 On a frosty morning with a little February sun?
  8. 8 She was watching a brown spaniel that had run out?
  9. 9 Michaelis had seized upon Clifford as the central figure?
  10. 10 On one of her bad days she went out alone to walk in the wood?
  11. 11 It had rained as usual and the paths were too sodden?
  12. 12 When Connie went up to her bedroom?
  13. 13 Clifford was yellow at the gills with anger?
  14. 14 So next day Clifford suggested Mrs. Bolton?

Disk 2 von 4

  1. 1 It was a blowy day soon after Hilda had gone?
  2. 2 Connie came to herself with a sudden uneasiness?
  3. 3 Mrs. Bolton was admirable in many ways.
  4. 4 Under Mrs. Bolton's influence?
  5. 5 But this astute and practical man was almost an idiot?
  6. 6 One evening, guests or no guests?
  7. 7 With a queer obedience, she lay down on the blanket.
  8. 8 She went to the wood the next day.
  9. 9 She turned and looked at him.
  10. 10 And again the dread of the night came on him.
  11. 11 He could not rest nor even go to bed.
  12. 12 Connie was sorting out one of the Wragby lumber rooms.
  13. 13 It was a sunny day and Connie was working in the garden.

Disk 3 von 4

  1. 1 Connie went to the wood directly after lunch.
  2. 2 She set the two cups on the table?
  3. 3 Now he really looked at her, intense and searching.
  4. 4 She slipped out of the side door, and took her way?
  5. 5 Ah, too lovely, too lovely!
  6. 6 On Sunday Clifford wanted to go into the wood?
  7. 7 She went upstairs as soon as possible?
  8. 8 'I'll tell you,' he said.
  9. 9 He got up, and put her shoes to dry?
  10. 10 Then he woke up and looked at the light.
  11. 11 He heard the distant hooters of Stacks Gate for seven o'clock.
  12. 12 There fell a complete silence.
  13. 13 The curious gulf of silence between them!
  14. 14 Connie arrived home to an ordeal of cross-questioning.

Disk 4 von 4

  1. 1 And the day came round for Hilda to arrive.
  2. 2 There was an early cup of tea in the hall?
  3. 3 He unlocked the door and preceded them into the warm?
  4. 4 It was a night of sensual passion?
  5. 5 She and Hilda stayed in a little hotel off Pall Mall?
  6. 6 She had been at Venice a fortnight?
  7. 7 A few days later came a letter from Clifford.
  8. 8 She had to make up her mind what to do.
  9. 9 She found a letter from Mellors.
  10. 10 Connie confided in her father.
  11. 11 'Dear Clifford, I am afraid what you foresaw has happened.'
  12. 12 His behaviour with regard to Connie was curious.
  13. 13 So Connie left Wragby once more?

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