• The Adventures of Brigadier Gerard
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With a horse between his thighs and a weapon in his grip, the dashing Brigadier Etienne Gerard, Colonel of the Hussars of Conflans, gallops through the Napoleonic campaigns on secret missions for his beloved Emperor and his country. He encounters danger and hair-breadth escapes but never loses his bravado, his eye for a pretty girl, his boast fulness or his enormous vanity.

Gerard is Conan Doyle’s most lovable character. At times hilarious, at time touching, these stories are amongst Conan Doyle’s most popular.


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle had a great talent for creating memorable characters. The hero of The Adventures of Brigadier Gerard is one of his most ingenious inventions, brought to life, here, with wicked humor by Rupert Degas. Preposterously vain and yet endearing, Brigadier Gerard makes for a tremendously fun companion as he relives the adventures of his military career fighting in the Napoleonic campaigns. Crediting himself with unparalleled military prowess and irresistible powers of seduction, Gerard goes as far as to suggest that his absence from the Battle of Waterloo was the reason for Napoleon's defeat!
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Disk 1 von 6

  1. 1 The Adventures of Brigadier Gerard by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - Part One
  2. 2 It must be confessed, however?
  3. 3 Suchet's head-quarters at that time?
  4. 4 'Have you got him?' asked a voice, in Italian.
  5. 5 I shrank back, and in an instant my pursuers were on me.
  6. 6 They advanced upon me?
  7. 7 It was a long time in coming?
  8. 8 The young man who had been pleading?
  9. 9 'You must not care, Etienne.'
  10. 10 He shook me by the shoulder?
  11. 11 How The Brigadier Captured Saragossa
  12. 12 So far I admit that I was wrong?
  13. 13 'Your request is unusual,' said Major Olivier?
  14. 14 This was a cheerful beginning.
  15. 15 'It is an easy tree to climb,' said he.

Disk 2 von 6

  1. 1 As I had imagined, this broad boulevard?
  2. 2 'Good heavens! have you been hanging here for two days?'
  3. 3 I passed unquestioned down the broad boulevard?
  4. 4 Naturally, since an attack was about to be made?
  5. 5 When I came to my senses?
  6. 6 In all the great hosts of France there was only one officer?
  7. 7 How The Brigadier Slew The Fox
  8. 8 Ah, how my heart swelled with pride and joy?
  9. 9 I had never known it, but one of the bullets?
  10. 10 It is incredible the insolence of these English!
  11. 11 He was a dear creature upon whom I sat?
  12. 12 All thought of fear of discovery had vanished.
  13. 13 How The Brigadier Saved The Army
  14. 14 There were many difficulties in connection with a retreat?
  15. 15 'What you see,' said the Marshal?
  16. 16 Over that flat country there lay the inviting white road?
  17. 17 You remember I have mentioned?

Disk 3 von 6

  1. 1 I heard the crashing of the barrels?
  2. 2 When I had recovered my breath?
  3. 3 'Sir,' said I, 'in the name of France I thank you?'
  4. 4 This was a new light upon the situation.
  5. 5 Following the direction of his gesture, I turned?
  6. 6 The idea seemed to amuse him very much.
  7. 7 I stared in amazement at what he did.
  8. 8 How The Brigadier Triumphed in England
  9. 9 There is a game called cricket?
  10. 10 What the mawleys were I did not know?
  11. 11 From what I have told you of the Lady Jane?
  12. 12 A dusky red suffused his handsome face.
  13. 13 For some months he had indeed behaved well?
  14. 14 'When I've killed this swaggering Frenchman,' said Lord Dacre?
  15. 15 His hand opened and the handkerchief fell.
  16. 16 'Come, come, Colonel Berkeley,' said Lord Dacre?

Disk 4 von 6

  1. 1 How The Brigadier Rode to Minsk
  2. 2 Enough - a brave man can face age and fate?
  3. 3 But there came a time between Wilna and Smolensk?
  4. 4 These are the little precautions?
  5. 5 I stared at it, and I had to shake my head.
  6. 6 She looked at the writing with some surprise.
  7. 7 Poor Violette, looking as miserable as her master?
  8. 8 I looked at him with the contempt that I felt.
  9. 9 For an hour of utter misery, chilled in body and soul?
  10. 10 I stood for an instant with the key in my hand?
  11. 11 How The Brigadier Bore Himself at Waterloo
  12. 12 You have read how the Emperor gathered his forces?
  13. 13 We all followed the direction of his gaze?
  14. 14 In front of me lay the great wood?
  15. 15 She was shaken by this?
  16. 16 But an adventure came to break the monotony?
  17. 17 The roar of guns, much nearer than before?

Disk 5 von 6

  1. 1 Gneisenau, the Chief of the Staff, had lingered?
  2. 2 What a picture of surprise!
  3. 3 Part Two - The Story of The Nine Prussian Horsemen
  4. 4 'General Bulow!' I cried.
  5. 5 At first I was carried away in that wild rush?
  6. 6 The night was falling, and the Emperor's haggard face?
  7. 7 They all started and stared.
  8. 8 So quick had been my impulse?
  9. 9 To retreat was impossible. I could hear the thunder?
  10. 10 'Surrender, your Majesty, surrender!' he yelled?
  11. 11 A single shot from a Prussian or an Austrian?
  12. 12 At that instant my eye fell upon something?

Disk 6 von 6

  1. 1 The Last Adventure of The Brigadier
  2. 2 There was one of these - the Sign of the Great Man?
  3. 3 He looked hard at me with his shrewd grey eyes?
  4. 4 Some three days after my arrival?
  5. 5 'Our hands have been forced?'
  6. 6 Every light had been extinguished aboard our ship?
  7. 7 My friends, I fell down upon the gravel walk?
  8. 8 The Marriage of The Brigadier
  9. 9 Now let me be precise for a moment.
  10. 10 I had nearly reached the middle of the field?
  11. 11 I walked across the field lost in thought?
  12. 12 It was for the house of the Ravons that I raced.

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