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    Laurence Sterne: A Sentimental Journey

    A Sentimental Journey
    4 CDs
    CD (Compact Disc)

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    • Label: Naxos AudioBooks, 2010
    • Sprache: Englisch
    • ISBN-13: 9781843793663
    • Bestellnummer: 7282186
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    • Label: Naxos Audiobooks
    • FSK ab 0 freigegeben
    • Bestellnummer: 7282186
    • Erscheinungstermin: 1.11.2010

    • Achtung: Artikel ist nicht in deutscher Sprache!

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    • Tracklisting

    Disk 1 von 4

    1. 1 Volume 1
    2. 2 "The Monk. Calais.: - Tis very true, said I"
    3. 3 Preface. In the Desobligeant.: It must have been observed
    4. 4 It is sufficient for my reader
    5. 5 Calais.: I perceived that something darkend the passage
    6. 6 The Remise Door. Calais.: When I told the reader
    7. 7 The Snuff Box. Calais.: The good old monk was within six paces
    8. 8 "In the Street. Calais.: Having, on the first sight of the lady"
    9. 9 The Remise. Calais.: Monsieur Dessein came back
    10. 10 Montreuil.: I had once lost my portmanteau
    11. 11 Montreuil.: As La Fleur went the whole tour

    Disk 2 von 4

    1. 1 A Fragment.: - The town of Abdera
    2. 2 The Bidet.: Having settled all these little matters
    3. 3 Nampont. The Postilion.: The concern which the poor fellows story threw me into
    4. 4 The Letter. Amiens.: Fortune had not smiled upon La Fleur
    5. 5 "The Letter.: Madame, Je suis penetre de la douleur la plus vive"
    6. 6 Paris.: When a man can contest the point
    7. 7 The Wig. Paris.: When the barber came
    8. 8 "The Pulse. Paris.: Hail ye small, sweet courtesies of life"
    9. 9 The Husband. Paris.: I had counted twenty pulsations
    10. 10 The Gloves.Paris.: The beautiful grisette rose up
    11. 11 The Translation. Paris.: There was nobody in the box
    12. 12 The Dwarf. Paris.: I had never heard the remark made
    13. 13 The Rose. Paris.: It was now my turn to ask

    Disk 3 von 4

    1. 1 Volume 2 - The Fille de Chambre. Paris.: What the old French officer had delivered
    2. 2 The Passport. Paris.: When I got home to my hotel
    3. 3 The Passport. The Hotel at Paris.: I could not find in my heart
    4. 4 The Captive. Paris.: The bird in his cage pursued me
    5. 5 The Address. Versailles.: I should not like to have my enemy take a view
    6. 6 Le Patissier. Versailles.: Before I had got half way down the street
    7. 7 The Sword. Rennes.: When states and empires have their periods of declension
    8. 8 The Passport. Versailles.: I found no difficulty in getting admittance
    9. 9 The Passport. Versailles.: There is not a more perplexing affair in life to me
    10. 10 The Passport. Versailles.: As the passport was directed to all lieutenant-governors
    11. 11 The Temptation. Paris.: When I alighted at the hotel
    12. 12 "The Conquest.: Yes, - and then -."

    Disk 4 von 4

    1. 1 The Case of Conscience. Paris.: I was immediately followed up by the master
    2. 2 Le Dimanche. Paris.: It was Sunday; and when La Fleur came in
    3. 3 "The Fragment. Paris.: - Now, as the notarys wife disputed"
    4. 4 "The Fragment, and the Bouquet. Paris.: When La Fleur came up close to the table"
    5. 5 The Riddle Explained. Paris.: I stepped hastily after him
    6. 6 Maria. Moulines.: I never felt what the distress of plenty was
    7. 7 Maria. Moulines.: Though I hate salutations and greetings
    8. 8 "The Grace.: When supper was over, the old man"
    9. 9 The lady was a Piedmontese of about thirty