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Weitere Ausgaben von A Sentimental Journey


Published just months before his death in 1768, A Sentimental Journey is Sterne's lightly fictionalised account of his own European travels; and being Sterne, it is more about digressions, misunderstandings and risqué jokes than the places he visits. Narrated by the (apparently) innocent Parson Yorick, who appeared in Sterne's other masterpiece, Tristram Shandy, it is full of anecdote and incident, and is far more about the people than the landscapes on the road from Calais. Despite the title, any sentimentality is offset by the elegance of the writing, the engaging companionship of Yorick himself and the constant, playful surprises.


Wise, humorous and diverting, Laurence Sterne's celebrated novel A Sentimental Journey joins the Naxos AudioBooks catalogue. Sterne's novel transformed the travelogue genre in the 18th century by making travel writing much more personal and immediate. Writing from a subjective perspective, we experience France and Italy through the eyes of the delightful persona of Yorick. This spirited, mirthful and flirtatious character is an obvious alter-ego for Sterne himself. From losing his passport to being mistaken for a jester to indulging in numerous romantic clinches, Yorick's journey is full of unforgettable incidents and adventures.


Laurence Sterne wurde 1713 in Clonmel (Irland) geboren und starb 1768 in London an Tuberkulose. Er studierte Theologie und wurde anglikanischer Pfarrer. Während das Erscheinen des Tristram Shandy 1759 in seiner Gemeinde einen Skandal auslöste, wurde er in den Londoner Salons gefeiert. Bis heute gilt er als einer der wichtigsten Romane der Weltliteratur.
  • Tracklisting

Disk 1 von 4

  1. 1 Volume 1
  2. 2 "The Monk. Calais.: - Tis very true, said I"
  3. 3 Preface. In the Desobligeant.: It must have been observed
  4. 4 It is sufficient for my reader
  5. 5 Calais.: I perceived that something darkend the passage
  6. 6 The Remise Door. Calais.: When I told the reader
  7. 7 The Snuff Box. Calais.: The good old monk was within six paces
  8. 8 "In the Street. Calais.: Having, on the first sight of the lady"
  9. 9 The Remise. Calais.: Monsieur Dessein came back
  10. 10 Montreuil.: I had once lost my portmanteau
  11. 11 Montreuil.: As La Fleur went the whole tour

Disk 2 von 4

  1. 1 A Fragment.: - The town of Abdera
  2. 2 The Bidet.: Having settled all these little matters
  3. 3 Nampont. The Postilion.: The concern which the poor fellows story threw me into
  4. 4 The Letter. Amiens.: Fortune had not smiled upon La Fleur
  5. 5 "The Letter.: Madame, Je suis penetre de la douleur la plus vive"
  6. 6 Paris.: When a man can contest the point
  7. 7 The Wig. Paris.: When the barber came
  8. 8 "The Pulse. Paris.: Hail ye small, sweet courtesies of life"
  9. 9 The Husband. Paris.: I had counted twenty pulsations
  10. 10 The Gloves.Paris.: The beautiful grisette rose up
  11. 11 The Translation. Paris.: There was nobody in the box
  12. 12 The Dwarf. Paris.: I had never heard the remark made
  13. 13 The Rose. Paris.: It was now my turn to ask

Disk 3 von 4

  1. 1 Volume 2 - The Fille de Chambre. Paris.: What the old French officer had delivered
  2. 2 The Passport. Paris.: When I got home to my hotel
  3. 3 The Passport. The Hotel at Paris.: I could not find in my heart
  4. 4 The Captive. Paris.: The bird in his cage pursued me
  5. 5 The Address. Versailles.: I should not like to have my enemy take a view
  6. 6 Le Patissier. Versailles.: Before I had got half way down the street
  7. 7 The Sword. Rennes.: When states and empires have their periods of declension
  8. 8 The Passport. Versailles.: I found no difficulty in getting admittance
  9. 9 The Passport. Versailles.: There is not a more perplexing affair in life to me
  10. 10 The Passport. Versailles.: As the passport was directed to all lieutenant-governors
  11. 11 The Temptation. Paris.: When I alighted at the hotel
  12. 12 "The Conquest.: Yes, - and then -."

Disk 4 von 4

  1. 1 The Case of Conscience. Paris.: I was immediately followed up by the master
  2. 2 Le Dimanche. Paris.: It was Sunday; and when La Fleur came in
  3. 3 "The Fragment. Paris.: - Now, as the notarys wife disputed"
  4. 4 "The Fragment, and the Bouquet. Paris.: When La Fleur came up close to the table"
  5. 5 The Riddle Explained. Paris.: I stepped hastily after him
  6. 6 Maria. Moulines.: I never felt what the distress of plenty was
  7. 7 Maria. Moulines.: Though I hate salutations and greetings
  8. 8 "The Grace.: When supper was over, the old man"
  9. 9 The lady was a Piedmontese of about thirty

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