• Label: Repertoire, 1981
  • Bestellnummer: 1469811
  • Erscheinungstermin: 22.7.2008

Weitere Ausgaben von Assault & Battery

  1. 1 Out of this place Start
  2. 2 All the lessons Start
  3. 3 Let it go Start
  4. 4 Assault And Battery Start
  5. 5 Magnum maid Start
  6. 6 Rock 'n' roll is king Start
  7. 7 Manzil madness Start
  8. 8 Chinese dunkirk Start
  9. 9 Sidewalk Sally Start
  10. 10 Suicide city Start
  11. 11 Rock 'n' Roll is King (Single Version) Start
  12. 12 I had you first Start



Rose Tattoo’s second studio assault, first released in 1981, remains a classic of Aussie power rock. A UK Top 40 hit, the album’s barrage of songs includes the single release ‘Rock’n’Roll Is King’, belted out by their heavily tattooed and bald headed front man. Despite his aggressive image, Angry Anderson’s lyrics occasionally reveal a more compassionate message than he’d cared to admit. This was the Tatts’ last album to feature guitarist Michael Cocks, before being replaced by Robin Riley.

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