• Label: Repertoire, 1969-72
  • Bestellnummer: 3266732
  • Erscheinungstermin: 20.2.2009
  1. 1 It's What You've Got Start
  2. 2 There's Nothing That I Can Do For You Start
  3. 3 I'm A Gambler Start
  4. 4 Harry The Earwig Start
  5. 5 Do I Still Figure In Your Life? Start
  6. 6 Uptight Basil Start
  7. 7 Taking The Heart Out Of Love Start
  8. 8 On A Time Said Sylvie Start
  9. 9 A Good Song Start
  10. 10 It's The Way Start
  11. 11 Go Away Start
  12. 12 Arise Sir Henry Start
  13. 13 Taking The Heart Out Of Love Start
  14. 14 Uptight Basil Start
  15. 15 Hear Me Lonely Start
  16. 16 Madame Chairman Of The Commitee Start
* LP Miniatur-Sleeve (Digisleeve)


Pete Dello wurde erstmalig als Co-Autor für den Song ‘I Can’t Let Maggie Go’ für die Pop Band The Honeybus berühmt., die hiermit 1968 einen Top Ten Hit hatten.

Grund genug für Pete Dello einige Honeybus Members zur Hilfe zu holen und 1971 das vorliegende Album Solo Album aufzunehmen und damit einen Meilenstein der Pop-Geschichte zu kreieren.

Die vorliegende Album CD enthält Songs wie ‘Do I Still Figure In Your Life’, ‘A Good Song’ und ‘Magic Valley’, zudem 4 Bonus Tracks und ist auf 2500 Stück weltweit limitiert.


Singer / songwriter Pete Dello famously co-wrote ‘I Can’t Let Maggie Go’ for UK pop group Honeybus, gaining a highly successful Top Ten UK hit 1968. Although Pete left the group shortly afterwards due to the pressures of pop, he remained a prolific writer whose work was much admired by critics and fellow musicians. ‘Into Your Ears’ was his debut solo album, first released in 1971. This long awaited CD re-issue contains diverse songs and performances that range from serious ballads to quirky fairy tales and humorous sing along ditties. With support from former Honeybus colleagues, including bassist / arranger Ray Cane, the album has since been hailed as a delightful masterpiece. The CD has four bonus tracks. The informative liner notes include an exclusive new interview with Pete Dello talking about his music and career.


1. It’s What You’ve Got
2. There’s Nothing That I Can Do For You
3. I’m A Gambler
4. Harry The Earwing
5. Do I Still Figure In Your Life
6. Uptight Basil
7. Taking The Heart Out Of Love
8. On A Time Said Sylvie
9. A Good Song
10. It’s The Way
11. Go Away
12. Arise Sir Henry

Bonus tracks:
13. Taking The Heart Out Of Love
14. Uptight Basil 15. Here Me Lonely
16. Madame Chairman Of The Committee

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