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  • Label: Repertoire, 1971
  • Bestellnummer: 7748899
  • Erscheinungstermin: 5.12.2005



Here is a band that is indeed ‘legendary’. It features Mickey Jupp, the singer, guitarist and piano player who pioneered British rock’n’roll in the early Sixties and remained true to the roots of the music. Hailing from Southend On Sea, ‘Juppy’ formed this version of Legend, in 1969. Their album, produced by Tony Visconti for the Vertigo label, was released in 1971. Beloved of pub rock fans and championed by the late DJ John Peel, Legend includes Mickey Jupp alongside Mo Witham (guitar), John Bobin (bass) and Bill Fifield (drums). The album has a dozen original lively compositions, often with an ironic flavour like ‘Cheque Book’ and ‘Hole In My Pocket’. Among four bonus items is ‘Life’, the A- side of a single that was a hit in Italy.


F. Schöler in Rolling Stone 2 / 06: "Jetzt gibt´s dieses Legend-Vermächtnis, erstklassig von Eroc remastered, wenigstens eine kleine Weile wieder in limitierter Auf- lage vom 2500 Exemplaren."

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