• Label: Repertoire, 1969-92
  • Bestellnummer: 7619861
  • Erscheinungstermin: 7.3.2008



It was a brave step by the newly formed Humble Pie to focus on the acoustic side of their musical ambitions with their eagerly awaited second album. Steve Marriott, Peter Frampton, Greg Ridley and Jerry Shirley had already created a stir with their 1969 debut ‘As Safe As Yesterday Is’. ‘Town And Country’ was rushed released the same year and adopted several innovations, including leaving the band name and title off the cover. This was seen as a ploy to shake off their ‘supergroup’ image. The songs reveal a reflective mood, notably Peter Frampton’s sad hymn to lost youth ‘Take Me Back’ and Jerry Shirley’s ‘Cold Lady’. Marriott injects the most energy on more soulful numbers like ‘Down Home Again’. The rock power of Humble Pie returns on ‘Silver Tongue’ and is capped by the upbeat Frampton-Ridley tune ‘Home And Away’.

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