*** Milken Archive of American Jewish Music
  • Künstler: Haumann, Rearick, Wollschläger, DeNolfo, Dent, Rideout, Christopher, Maddalena, Ernst Senff Chor, RSO Berlin, Schwarz
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2001
  • Bestellnummer: 2913521
  • Erscheinungstermin: 2.11.2004

The eternal Road (Musical in 4 Akten) (Querschnitt)

  1. 1 Abraham and Isaac (1. Akt "The Patriarchs") Start
  2. 2 Jacob and the angel Start
  3. 3 Jacob and Rachel Start
  4. 4 The death of Jacob Start
  5. 5 In Egypt - Miriam and Moses (2. Akt "Moses") Start
  6. 6 Moses recives the commandments - Dance around the golden calf Start
  7. 7 The beam, Moses Start
  8. 8 Moses addresses the people Start
  9. 9 Moses gives the commandments - The death of Moses Start
  10. 10 Naomi and Ruth (3. Akt "The Kings") Start
  11. 11 Ruth and Boaz Start
  12. 12 Isaiah and Jeremiah (The Prophets") Start
  13. 13 The streets of Jerusalem Start
  14. 14 Jeremiah
  15. 15 Cananiah the false prophet - The mob attacks Jeremiah Start
  16. 16 Transformation - Finale Start


This world-premiere recording of scenes from Kurt Weill's rediscoverd masterpiece The Eternal Road brings to life a major 20th-century work that was a sensation of the 1937 New York season. Originally conceived as a biblical pageant, a profound music-drama, and a theatrical extravaganza, The Eternal Road combines the legends of timeless Jewish heroes and heroines with all-too-familiar story of persecution in Europe. Set against a richly colored backdrop, Weill's masterful score embodies the passions and aspirations of many dramatic characters in search of their Jewish Destiny.

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